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This page is a translated version of the page Wiki Loves the Olympics and the translation is 47% complete.
Wiki Loves the Olympics
Første udgave, 5. august - 18 september, 2016

Welcome to the Wikipedia editing contest around the Olympics! * What?: It is a editing contest around the Olympic Games. The goal of this first edition is improve and translate a list of topics related to the Olympic Games, and specially the 2016 Summer Olympics and the 2016 Summer Paralympics, including famous sports figures and games facilities. This initiative is part of Iberocoop. You can participate in any language. The lists of articles are suggestions and you can create or expand others. * When?: The editing contest runs from 00:01 August 5 to 23:59 September 18, 2016 (CET UTC+01:00). * How?: Points can be achieved by creating new articles or expanding existing ones, related to the Olympics and belong to a Wikipedia category about the Olympic Games. The scoring system is as follows (do not forget to score points awarded by each article that you work on the section of participants):

  • +1 point for each 1000 bytes of content added.
  • +1 point if the article is new.
  • +1 point if the article is about the Paralympics or an athlete who participate or participated in the past.

* Who?: public interested in learning how to edit in Wikipedia and improve or translate the Olympics-related articles. It is only necessary to have an user account in advance. To participate you must register in the participants section. * Why?: The contest is organized by Iberocoop: one of our main goals is to provide all the free knowledge about the Olympic Games in all languages. If your organization or institution wants to collaborate with this contest, please, contact with us. In parallel there is also a photo contest on the 2016 Summer Olympics, organized by the Grupo Wikimedia Brasileiro de Educação e Pesquisa. More information on this page on Portuguese Wikipedia.

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If you have any questions about this writing challenge, please add them to our talk page.