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Wiki Movement Brazil User Group

Activites Plan for 2020




This is the annual plan of activities of the Wiki Movement Brazil User Group for the year of 2020.

Wiki Movement Brazil User Group is a user group, based in Brazil, founded in 2013 by active members of the Brazilian community in the Wikimedia projects. Our mission is to provide solutions that increase the number and quality of pertaining reliable information in the Wikimedia projects, planning and executing activities that are in accordance to the scope and principles of the Wikimedia movement.


The 2020 activities plan for WMB will focus on 4 axis: GLAM Outreach, Education Programs, Community Support and General Outreach. The first axis focuses on cultural institutions, mostly supporting our current partners and working to connect with new GLAMs. The second axis focuses on expanding our outreach in universities and other educational settings. The third axis, Community Support, puts forward activities to promote capacity development and support the empowerment of local Wikimedia communities, with a particular focus on expanding diversity in our movement. The fourth axis is rooted on the idea we need to expand awareness of our movement and thus reach a general, broad audience, not yet part of the ecology we sustain as a movement.


GLAM Outreach

In the recent years, WMB has made the largest GLAM initiatives in Brazil with major GLAM Institutions. The amount of activities and tasks have been keeping our processes documentations limited. Our major objective of this axis is to establish an efficient workflow model for the partnerships we have, distinguishing especially between big and small GLAM institutions, that can be adapted taking into account their local contexts.

Objectives Activities Metrics
  • Elaborate an efficient adaptable workflow model for GLAM activities;
  • Improve autonomy of GLAM institutions by training their professionals and employees in the methodology of GLAM Wiki;
  • Diversify the representation of Brazilian culture and knowledge by strengthening our partnerships in Rio de Janeiro other under-represented locations in Brazil when possible;
  • Improve the Global South perspective representation on documentation of GLAM Wiki activities by producing a guiding documented and publicly available strategic plan with the Brazilian Wikimedia community and partners (GLAM professionals, open knowledge activists, scholars).
Edit-a-thons, campaigns and training
  • 4 edit-a-thons with different GLAM institutions;
  • 10 participants/edit-a-thon;
  • 5 new registered editors/edit-a-thon.
  • 50 entries created/improved.
Uploads in continuous flow
  • 5.000 files uploaded to Commons;
  • 10 participants in the upload.
Process documentation
  • 2 detailed documentations on our GLAM Wiki processes;
  • 4 participants in the process of writing them.
Meeting with partners
  • 4 meetings with different partners in Rio de Janeiro;
  • 4 reports of each meeting published for the community.

Education programs

With more than 100 programs since 2014, and figuring among the largest programs in the world, WMB has made the education a priority of our activities. The major objective of this axis is to produce better documentation, focused on the diversity of Brazilian educational contexts, especially considering the relevant areas where the internet access is rare.

Objectives Activities Metrics
  • Provide resources in Portuguese in different media formats (printed, videos etc) for teachers and professors
  • Support activities from education programs throughout Brazil, such as debate educational activities with professors, help with Outreach Dashboard, Mbabel and other tools, create tutorial videos for students etc
  • Launch a national campaign on Wikimedia + Education with a special focus on marginalized communities in the Northeast region
Outreached activities
  • 15 lectures, talks or outreach attendance (i.e., posters, panels) in educational settings
  • 50 participants in total
  • 10 different institutions
Printed resources
  • 1 outreach brochure on education in Portuguese to be handled to 250 people
Video resources
  • 4 videos to support educators in their use of Wikimedia projects

Community support

In the process of the re-recognition by the Wikimedia Foundation, WMB produced a document, our Diversity Plan, where we traced some objectives and planned actions desiring to increase the diversity of our group. Taking that document as a guide for our community support, we have two branches for this axis this year: Improve our capacity to build a diverse fruitful internal environment and strengthen our ties with the Wikimedia Movement, especially the lusophone community.

Objectives Activities Metrics
  • Reduce knowledge gaps on Portuguese Wikipedia by increasing quality content on people, organizations and concepts related to social minorities with encyclopedic relevance
  • Develop a welcoming and healthy environment for people from different backgrounds to equally have the opportunity to participate on and lead projects in the community
  • Effectively communicate the local and broad Wikimedia community on WMB's projects and activities through different channels, such as monthly newsletters and blog posts on our website
  • Strengthen WMB unity through social events and discussion spaces, as this helps align objectives and improve communication and debate skills
  • Increase the number of active members to keep activities running - and if not possible to expressively expand the community, at least maintain the current number of people active on projects, so no one is overloaded with too much work and gets worn-out
  • Provide training and learning materials on topics that the community is interested to develop their capacities and spread the knowledge we obtained
Wikidata Labs
  • 4 Wikidata Labs
  • 10 participants/event
  • 2 new registered editors/event
  • 800 people reached by streaming in total
  • 1.000 entries created/improved in total
Thematic edit-a-thons
  • 8 edit-a-thons focused on diversity
  • 15 participants/event
  • 4 new registered editors/event
  • 1 list of contents to be worked available on wiki/event
  • 300 entries created/improved in total
  • host the events in at least 2 different institutions
Organic communications
  • 1 communication plan for WMB
  • At least 2 media appearances of activities promoted by WMB
  • At least 8 monthly reports on community channels
Offline meetup
  • 20 WMB members at the meeting
  • At least 3 out of 5 Brazilian regions represented
  • At least 1 technical training given by a volunteer on the event program
  • 1 report on the event activities and discussions to be provided for the community
Diversity plan
  • 1 research on WMB demography
  • 1 action plan based on the research results

General outreach

All of our outreach activities not yet mentioned (Edit-a-thons outside of GLAM or Education Programs contexts, photo contests, events to "wikify" sites, hackathons and other partnerships) are gathered in this axis. Last year we organized 13 edit-a-thons with a variety of themes and we also organized the Wiki Loves Monuments and participated on the local coordination and promotion of other campaigns like Open Data Day, Visible Wiki Women and Wiki Loves Loves.

Objectives Activities Metrics
  • Diversify the WMB network and resources so that more people have access to the activities promoted by the UG
  • Reach spaces that aren’t normally portrayed in Wikimedia projects in Portuguese to engage people from different backgrounds
  • Achieve partnerships with city governments, cultural centers and other local institutions that can facilitate activities / have synergy with the purposes of Wikimedia
  • Join a network of other local and international groups that advocate for free knowledge and actively support their campaigns / develop activities in partnership
  • Be available to the media as a reference point on Wikimedia projects in Brazil and related subjects
Wiki Takes a city
  • 1 Wikipedia training for the local community
  • 300 media files from the photo-walk uploaded to Commons
  • 50 entries on Wikidata on the city
  • 1 mapping activity
  • 20 people engaged at the event
  • 4 new registered editors
Wiki Loves Monuments
  • 100 participants
  • 50 new registered editors
  • 10.000 media files uploaded to Commons
Projects with institutional partners
  • Develop non GLAM Wiki projects with 3 different institutions or organizations
Thematic edit-a-thons and campaign support
  • 3 edit-a-thons on #WikiForHumanRights campaign;
  • 10 participants/event
  • 20 new registered editors in total
  • 40 Wikipedia entries on Human Rights (created or improved)
  • Involve 3 different institutions
  • Support at least 2 external campaigns as a group
Meeting with free knowledge community
  • 1 meeting to discuss a strategic direction for free, open knowledge in Brazil
  • 30 participants (scholars and activists on free knowledge and related topics)
  • Involve at least 4 different institutions

Wiki Movement Brazil User Group