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Wiki Movement Brazil User Group/Report/2023

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Report of activities for 2023

Welcome to the Wiki Movimento Brasil (WMB) annual report of activities for the year 2023. This report showcases the achievements, learnings, and progress of the activities that WMB has promoted or supported. It is updated quarterly and provides a comprehensive overview of our work. Our activities are primarily defined by our annual activities plan and other projects we are involved in. The report is organized according to the management area responsible for supporting each activity, including Administration, Communication, Products and Technology, Communities, Education and Scientific Dissemination, GLAMs and Culture, and other strategy implementation initiatives.

Documents guiding the goals and metrics reported:

symbol for this area Community
To engage the Portuguese-speaking community, aligning with the Wikimedia Movement strategic goals, and fostering partnerships; and to implement community practices, running community programs, identifying needs, empowering diverse leadership, and facilitating community communication.
symbol for this area Education and Scientific Dissemination
To plan and execute educational and scientific projects with the Wikimedia community, building and strengthening partnerships with institutions and educators; to promote the use of Wikimedia projects against misinformation, and foster an open scientific culture in Brazil.
symbol for this area GLAMs and Culture
To plan, organize, and implement cultural partnerships, particularly GLAM-Wiki initiatives, which involves establishing partnerships, coordinating activities, reporting, and sharing knowledge with the community, in alignment to the Wikimedia Movement mission.
symbol for this area CALIBRA
To plan, organize, and implement a leadership development program in Brazil, in alignment with the strategy of the Wikimedia Movement.
symbol for this area Capacity Exchange
To develop the framework for a sustainable process of peer learning in the Wikimedia Movement.
symbol for this area Communications
To implement the communication strategy, engage external stakeholders, and shape the Wikimedia image, outreaching to new audiences, maintaining communication channels, managing social media, representing the organization, and producing empowering content.
symbol for this area Funds and Administration
To ensure efficient and transparent administration, budget planning, expense tracking, activity and finance reporting, and foster a diverse funding portfolio.
symbol for this area Products and Technology
To lead the development of open technologies; to coordinate activities and to foster Wikimedia innovation, supporting the community to ensure a functional and equitable socio-technical infrastructure for the collaborative open-knowledge ecosystem.