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Wiki Movement Brazil User Group/Report/2023/Communications

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Report of activities for 2023 - Communications

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First quarter report (Jan-Mar)

Welcoming a new member to the team

WMB has a long history of communicating its activities, both through Wikimedia channels and social media. In 2020, we developed a new Communications Strategic Plan, implemented at the beginning of 2021 to help us guide our communication to a more strategic route and better engage participants, editors, and the wider community, but we didn’t have one person to exclusively manage all the operational and strategic work this area requires until March 2023 when we opened a Communications Manager position.

Our social media outreach improved significantly and we have gained more than 150 new followers and have been able to report more activities and explore and think of new formats to engage more volunteers and disseminate the Wikimedia projects and the free knowledge in Brazil.

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Second quarter report (Apr-Jun)

Visual Identities

Logo of the project Wiki Apoia 2023

Wiki Movimento Brasil organizes several projects and activities. For each project, it is necessary to create a distinct visual identity, so the project can stand out individually and be easily recognizable by the audience when communicating about it (for example, the WMB flag)[1]. This is also particularly important for creating a cohesive narrative for the project. The visual identity creates a stronger emotional connection with the audience and facilitates effective communication. This quarter we developed three big projects that included choosing names and visual elements that best communicate the project's goals and messages. They are:

  • WikiConecta - MOOC course[2]
  • Wiki Apoia 2023[3]
  • Capacity Exchange[4]

Other metrics related to Communications activities executed in this quarter are listed below:

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Third quarter report (Jul-Sep)

New Website

Screenshot of a draft of the WMB's new website

Wiki Movimento Brasil, as many other affiliates, has an official website.[10] This website is somewhat outdated and we are, in the last years, exploring through the Communications Plan new strategies to outreach to new audiences and potential partnerships, always with the intent to communicate, in different ways, about the Wikimedia projects and how they can be used in different contexts.

In celebration of the user group's tenth-year anniversary, we have started to redesign the website to better reflect our mark and to be more aligned with our recent Communications Plan recommendations.[11] For us, a new website lies within the interface of a stronger branding and the experience of new users, seeking information about Wikimedia in Brazil. Understanding how our audiences access our content and how intuitive this access is help us to decide better ways to engage this audience in the free knowledge ecosystem.

Based on UX knowledge, the website design has been built with the idea that this virtual environment is not just a repository, but that it can be assertive in communicating with different audiences and can also offer action inputs to partners/agents with whom we want to relate to. Therefore, based on identifying who these partners are, we have developed an expected journey that they can take throughout the website, being surrounded by opportunities to take the actions that are expected from this type of audience.

This new website intends to contribute significantly to the dissemination and expansion of Wikimedia in Brazil by providing more authority and more clarification about our movement and projects, in addition to being the beginning of a relationship journey with those who want to connect us.

Other metrics related to Communications activities in this quarter are listed below:

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Fourth quarter report (Oct-Dec)

Sopa Wiki

Cover of the first episode of the podcast

In order to expand our audiences and act directly on the mission of qualifying people and content about free knowledge, part of our strategy was the launch of a podcast - as an authorial, contemporary, in-depth media that communicates very well with a range of people.

This podcast, called Sopa Wiki (Wiki Soup in English) tries to unfold all of our action axes to practical and easy to understand and access situations. The idea is to simplify deep topics and make them more accessible, spreading the core values and ideas of free knowledge, exemplifying how it can work towards social transformation.

All of the episodes are available at Wikimedia Commons and other streaming services:[21][22][23][24]

Other metrics related to Communications activities in this quarter are listed below:

Other metrics
  • 21 media appearances[25]
  • 1 meetings with the Communications Committee[26]
  • 14706 people reached in social media[27][28]