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Our previous elections were in January 2017 for a 2 year term, where a board of 12 people was nominated and elected. Owing to the international nature of our group, that board had various difficulties operating and at the end of 2017 and it was decided to down-size the number of board members from 12 to 7. In addition, in January 2018, 3 new board members joined us, replacing departing board members. Thus, as of Jan 2018, the board composition was:

  1. Shani Evenstein - Chair and Membership Admin (elected Jan 2017)
  2. Doug Taylor - Secretary (elected Jan 2017)
  3. Daniel Mietchen, Ph.D. (elected Jan 2017)
  4. Carl Fredrik Sjöland (elected Jan 2017)
  5. Jennifer Dawson, Ph.D. (from Jan 2018)
  6. Sam Zidovetski (from Jan 2018)
  7. Indira  Gowda (from Jan 2018)

These ended up being positive for the board and 2018 has been a better year in terms of board stability - we have been working more closely and have met almost monthly throughout the year. In October 2018, Indira notified us that she was unable continue her role as a board member, so we currently have 6 members. We did not add a new board member as we knew elections were close.

One decision we made regarding the coming elections is that we'd like to keep the number of board members at 7, but for a term of 3 years, rather than 2. We also decided to split the elections, to ensure some continuity in the board. Building on the fact that we've had 4 board members elected for 2 years from January 2017 and 2 board members joined us in January 2018, we decided to split the elections as follows:

  • 5 board member seats (4 from Jan 2017 having served 2 years, plus Indira's seat) will become available in the coming elections, for a period of 3 years.

As Jennifer and Sam joined a year later, they will continue as board members until the end of 2019 so:

  • 2 board member seats will be up for re-election at the end of 2019 for a period of 3 years.


Phase 1: 5 board members, till March 2022
Date Task Notes
By end of January 2019 Membership renewal
February 3 - March 2, 2019 Nominations Done
March 11–24, 2019 Voting for 5 seats on the board Done
March 26 Announcement of the 5 board members elected
Phase 2: 2 board members, till December 2022
Date Task Notes
November 1–30, 2019 Nominations
December 1–15, 2019 Voting
End of December 2019 Announcement of the 2 board members elected

Please note:

  • Only WPMedF members can nominate themselves for the board
  • Only WPMedF members who registered before February 1 can vote during the election.
  • Potential members who would like to join us after Feb 1st are welcome to do so via this link: Wiki Project Med/Membership, but will not have a valid voice in this specific election, only the next one.


  • Board members are expected to participate in 2-hour monthly meetings throughout the year.
  • Answering emails in a timely manner.
  • Board members are expected to identify by their real name (but not necessarily linked with their Wikimedia username). As WikiProject Med Foundation is a formal charity in the US, this information is required and is public information. Therefore, all board members are required to agree that their real name is public.


If you'd like to nominate yourself, please add a new sub topic, with your name & optionally your user name, followed by short description of your Wikimedia & Medicine experience. Nominees might want to answer / address in their description the following:

  • Personal info and background relevant to the work of Wikimedia & Medicine
  • Wikimedia & Medicine activities and major achievements
  • International experience (rather than local one) that might be relevant to this role
  • Expertise / relevant governance experience
  • Why do you believe you are suitable to serve as a Wikimedia & Medicine board member?
  • Do you have any special areas / types of activities you would like to concentrate on while on the board?


During the voting period, please add your support by signing for support under the relevant candidates. Please note—if you wish to vote privately, without your username appearing publicly on Meta, please use this private voting form to do so.

Voting will be processed by James Heilman, who has been appointed by the board to review the votes for this election process. He is also the one to check the private votes.

Good luck to everyone! :)


Doug Taylor  Checked[edit]

I live in the UK and am 66 years old. I'm now retired having worked as an educator and IT specialist.

I've been an editor on Wikipedia since January 2008 and am active on Commons and Wikidata. I am Lead Trainer for Wikimedia UK and a member of WikiProject Medicine on the English Wikipedia.

I've attended and presented at three Wikimanias and I helped plan the Board training sessions at WMCON 2018, and then delivered some of them.

I was a school Governor for over 30 years and trained school governors for some of the English Local Authorities. I was a board member of several English Examining Boards between 1981 and 2012, and served as Chair of the The West Midlands Exam Board for 6 years. I am currently a Trustee of Wikimedia UK and Secretary of WikiProject Med Foundation.

I have considerable experience in serving as a board member on multiple charitable organisations and now that I'm retired I have time to take part in editing medical articles, attending conferences and helping organise the running of WPMEDF.

I have been a scuba diver and instructor for over 30 years. My particular interest and expertise is in hyperbaric medicine.

Support Doug (5+1=6)[edit]

  1. Support Support Like tears in rain (talk) 14:35, 11 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  2. Support Support --WikiTatik (talk) 15:54, 11 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  3. Support Support JenOttawa (talk) 17:39, 11 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  4. Support Support -- Petersmillard (talk) 11:31, 14 March 2019 (UTC) Decrease[reply]
  5. Support SupportSJ talk  02:48, 23 March 2019 (UTC) Decrease[reply]
  6. Support Support Mvolz (talk) 12:17, 24 March 2019 (UTC) Checked[reply]
  7. Support Support Shani Evenstein. 14:45, 24 March 2019 (UTC) Checked[reply]

Mossab  Checked[edit]

I am مصعب (romanization is mossab) 6th year medical student at the Hashemite University in jordan. i am also member in wiki project medicine in Both Arabic and English Wikipedia as well as Wikipedia education program team leader at my university and i established the program from zero.

I am the 8th Top medical editor in 2015 and i was ranked 40th in the Top medical editors list in 2016, 10th at 2017 and 16th in 2018. i was the highest Arabic medical editor in all three consecutive years (2014-2015-2016) and the second highest Arabic medical editor at 2017 and 2018; as well as admin on Arabic Wikipedia,Wiktionary and Wikisource. I am Wikipedia education program team leader and i directed the education towards translating WHO list of essential medicines so that my students successfully translated most of the articles. i also participated in releasing of offline medical app on arabic by translating the framework of app.

i participated in WMCON 2018 as a representative of Wikimedians of Levant user group and after this conference i organized many collaborations including medical topics. some examples are Punjabi Arabic Ealaqat, Arabic–Bengali Cultural Exchange Program, Armenian-Jordanian cooperation and Arabic- Serbian collaboration. Also i moved more than 100 translations of Osmosis medical videos from YouTube to commons and this is an example here.

i founded a Wikipedia student club under the name of digital Arabic content club and i serve as the chairman since 2017. Also i served as Wikipedia education program team leader since 2015. i am a member at my University council and also member in the student's union at my university as well as member in the Committee on Foreign Relations at the student's union. in the faculty of medicine also i am member in the financial and human resources committee.

I think that there's a need of an Arabic speaking board member because it is one of the most popular and widely spread languages in addition to my experience in translation of medical articles into Arabic. Also i have the power of recruiting Wikipedia education program students to participate in translation of medical topics with a long experience in this field. in relation to medicine i serve as an associate editor in WikiJournal of Medicine.

I have interst in Wikipedia and education relationship and i work to spread the wiki awareness in this regard. one of my major activities was the initiation of MOU between Wikimedia foundation and the hashemite university. I use every chance i have to represent Wikipedia to the decision-makers and the last chance was in the meeting with king Abdullah II at the university around the minute 5:40 of the video. kind Regards

Support Mossab (7+2=9)[edit]

  1. Support Support. --Csisc (talk) 22:51, 10 March 2019 (UTC) Decrease[reply]
  2. Support Support Like tears in rain (talk) 14:36, 11 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  3. Support Support --- Darwin Ahoy! 15:36, 11 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  4. Support Support --Mahmood (talk) 16:50, 11 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  5. Support Support Gharouni 01:02, 12 March 2019 (UTC) Decrease[reply]
  6. Support Support -- Soupvector (talk) 04:20, 13 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  7. Support Support --Netha Hussain (talk) 08:10, 13 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  8. Support Support --Petersmillard (talk) 11:31, 14 March 2019 (UTC)Decrease[reply]
  9. Support Support --Saintfevrier (talk) 07:54, 21 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  10. Support Support --Sami Mlouhi (talk) 01:26, 22 March 2019 (UTC) Checked[reply]

Tim Moody  Checked[edit]

I am nominating myself to the board as I believe deeply in the work of Wiki Project Med and in the need for resources in the offline world. I feel that as a member of the board I could strengthen the releationship between the IIAB team and Wiki Project Med.

I volunteer as one of the principal developers of Internet in a Box and have been especially involved in curations for the Medical Version. For example, I

  • Scraped the CDC website for inclusion of the English and Spanish versions in IIAB
  • Scraped the WikEM website for IIAB
  • Incorporated the Stanford EM training videos into IIAB
  • Along with James Heilman promoted the Medical IIAB at the Geneva Health Forum
  • Along with Sam Zidovetski curated the Spanish edition of Medical IIAB
  • Maintain Medical IIAB demo site hosted by WMF
  • Create Med IIAB software images available for download from Internet Archive

I have attended two Wikimania events, but haven't had much success as an editor; my only edits were reverted. I have board experience and in one instance am on the governance committee.

I live in Canada and have a Ph.D. in Religious Studies focusing on Indian religion and many years ago was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal. I have an MA in Asian Studies and an undergraduate degree in Math and Spanish. I have no medical experience, except as the occasional patient, though I have studied portions of Sushruta in Sanskrit and English.

Support Tim (3+4=7)[edit]

  1. Support Support Like tears in rain (talk) 14:37, 11 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  2. Support Support Campylobacter (talk) 00:33, 14 March 2019 (UTC) Checked[reply]
  3. Support SupportSJ talk  02:47, 23 March 2019 (UTC)Decrease[reply]
  4. Support Support Shani Evenstein. 14:45, 24 March 2019 (UTC) Checked[reply]

Stuart Ray (user soupvector)  Checked[edit]

Stuart Ray at WikiConference USA 2015

I am nominating myself as a board candidate with the intention of becoming more involved in the project through scheduled engagement (monthly meetings, plus board-related email etc) and participation. I am a physician-scientist at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, having earned my M.D. at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

I freely admit that I am not a prolific editor of WP, but I've tried to contribute where I hope it might be helpful. I made some comments on my perspective as an academic editing WP during my talk at WikiConference USA in October 2015. I do see potential in greater engagement of academic editors, and often speak to the benefits of contributing to WP at work (informally often, and I recently gave Medical Grand Rounds at Johns Hopkins Hospital about WP medical content and editing) and at scientific meetings/conferences (ad hoc).

In terms of international experience, I have collaborated and traveled extensively (for work) on multiple continents, and for 20 years I have distribute free software (Simplot) that's been used worldwide in about 2000 publications.

I am a Professor at Johns Hopkins University, Vice Chair of Medicine for Data Integrity and Analytics, and currently serve as Associate Editor of the JCI.

I hope that I can provide a constructive, complementary perspective on issues before the board; even though I'm quite busy, if elected I will commit to making the monthly 2-hour calls and respond to email in a timely way. I will endeavor to be humble and not push any personal agenda. I always welcome feedback.

In addition to my user page linked above, I have a home page that describes some of my interests.

Support Stuart (4+0=4)[edit]

  1. Support Support. --Csisc (talk) 22:51, 10 March 2019 (UTC) Decrease[reply]
  2. Support Support Like tears in rain (talk) 14:37, 11 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  3. Support Support Jane023 (talk) 08:55, 12 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  4. Support Support JenOttawa (talk) 01:58, 19 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  5. Support Support Shani Evenstein. 14:46, 24 March 2019 (UTC) Checked[reply]

Alaa Decrease[edit]

During Wikimania 2017

I'm Alaa (In Arabic علاء). I am a native Arabic and near native English speaker. Medical student in my 5th year. I'm an editorial board member on WikiJournal of Medicine. I activated Wikiproject Medicine (WPM) in Arabic Wikipedia, also I'm a member on enwiki WPM.

I created my account in October 2010, and I have been active (on a regular basis) since December 2014, so, I am active for over three years now. I am currently a Steward on Metawiki, bureaucrat, sysop and checkuser on Arabic Wikipedia, sysop on Wikidata and sysop on other sister projects. I serve also as an OTRS member for Arabic queues. Over the years, I have made more than 300K edits on Wikimedia wikis, and most of my edits in medicine, anatomy and biology fields.

Moreover, I attended and helped in the organization of many Wikimedia-related events. For example, I helped in the organization of WikiArabia 2017, and I attended Wikimania 2017 and 2018. I am also a member of Wikimedians of the Levant since May 2015. In addition to this, I am one of the members of Arabic Wikipedia's social networking team. That's the team that manages the official accounts of Arabic Wikipedia on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I'm the 10th Top medical editor in 2018 and I was ranked 9th in the Top medical editors list in 2017, 221th at 2016. I'm the highest Arabic medical editor in 2017 and 2018.

I presented a number of lectures/sessions at local medical conferences (this lectures in both Arabic and English), and I'm an associate member in the local part of the International Federation of Medical Students Associations, also I participated in few medical researches under supervision of Faculty of medicine.

I helped in launch and update the offline Arabic medical wikipedia app, and I created learning videos about IIAB and sharing them on arwiki offical social accounts. Also, I'm a member on Arabic Wikipedia Graphics Lab as I'm translating more than 180 files most of them in medical field.

As Mossab said above "I think that there's a need for an Arabic speaking board members because it is one of the most popular and widely spread languages". Also, I've a lot of ideas that I hope we can apply it on WPMEDF that can affect the medical contents on all languages specially poor-medical content projects. Moreover, I hope to expand WPMEDF activities in the Arabic countries.

Thanks a lot.

Support Alaa (not eligible)[edit]

  1. Support Support. --Csisc (talk) 22:54, 10 March 2019 (UTC) Decrease[reply]
  2. Support Support Like tears in rain (talk) 14:37, 11 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  3. Support Support --Mahmood (talk) 16:49, 11 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  4. Support Support Gharouni 01:02, 12 March 2019 (UTC) Decrease[reply]
  5. Support Support Jane023 (talk) 08:57, 12 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  6. Support Support -- Soupvector (talk) 04:20, 13 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  7. Support Support --Geoide (talk) 10:45, 13 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  8. Support Support --Saintfevrier (talk) 07:54, 21 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  9. Support Support --Sami Mlouhi (talk) 01:28, 22 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  10. Support SupportSJ talk  02:47, 23 March 2019 (UTC)Decrease[reply]

Mahmood Al-Rawi  Checked[edit]

During WikiArabia 2015

I'm Mahmood (or Mahmoud), Iraqi pharmacist and assistant lecturer, I graduated from University of Baghdad then finished my master degree in pharmacy practice from Hamdard University, New Delhi, India. I'm native Arabic speaker, fluent in English, not so bad in French in addition to basic knowledge in Spanish and German.

Now, I'm working as assistant lecturer in a college of pharmacy in Iraq, and working in the field of pharmaceutical marketing.

I created my account in October 2010, 40K+ edits in Arabic Wikipedia and almost 60K edits and contributions in all projects. 3500+ articles in Arabic Wikipedia.

I'm not sure about number of medical and pharmaceutical related articles and both Arabic and English Wikipedias, but I'm sure they are more than 1000.

I am the 19th Top medical editor in 2015 and i was listed in the Top medical editors list in 2016 and 2017.

I attended all WikiArabia conferences (2015 in Monastir, Tunisia, 2016 in Amman, Jordan and 2017 in Cairo، ِEgypt) and invited to attend the next one in Morocco. Also, I attended 2 Wikimania conferences in Esino Lario, Italy (2016) and Cape Town, South Africa (2018) and missed Wikimania Conference in Montreal, Canada (2017) due to visa rejection. In addition to representing Iraq in Wikimedia foundation conference 2017 in Berlin, Germany.

I am one of the members of Arabic Wikipedia's social networking team.

I organized some photo upload contests in Iraq and organized Iraqi Wikimedians meeting and other meetings in Baghdad, Iraq.

I hesitated about submitting my name here as other colleagues are in the nominations list and I'm sure that they deserve to be board members.

Although I'm submitting my name here, I couldn't browse Wikipedia as I'm in Turkey for short trip.


Support Mahmood (3+0=3)[edit]

  1. Support Support. --Csisc (talk) 22:54, 10 March 2019 (UTC) Decrease[reply]
  2. Support Support Like tears in rain (talk) 15:52, 11 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  3. Support Support --Saintfevrier (talk) 07:55, 21 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  4. Support Support --Sami Mlouhi (talk) 01:27, 22 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  5. Support SupportSJ talk  02:49, 23 March 2019 (UTC)Decrease[reply]

Diptanshu Das  Checked[edit]

Diptanshu Das at Train The Trainer program 2017.

I am a 36 year old male living in Kolkata, India. I am married and have a daughter. By training and profession I am a pediatric neurologist [Qualifications: MBBS, MHSc (clinical child development), MD (pediatric neurology), PDCR, PGPN, IPPN] with interests in medicine, pediatrics, pediatric neurology, neonatology, and clinical research. I am nominating myself for the role because I identify myself with the objectives of the Wiki Project Med and think that being a Wikimedia & Medicine board member would enhance my capacity to contribute meaningfully towards the purpose.

I am a believer and enthusiast of open/free knowledge movement and culture. I have been an active Wikipedian since 2008 (with a registered account, although I edited earlier without a registering), counting among the top 5000 contributors, have more than 20,000 edits (Veteran Editor II), ranked 1111 on the list of most-active Wikipedians by number of "recent" edits (as of September 2013), and am a new page reviewer. I contribute primarily to medical articles on English Wikipedia and have been in the top 300 medical editors consistently over the last 6 years, ranking as the 13th Top medical contributor of 2017. I work significantly with improvement of the referencing and bibliography of medical articles on Wikipedia and usually help in improving stub, start and C class articles. I am also a Wikidata enthusiast and contribute the Commons.

I have been an editorial board member of WikiJournal of Medicine (Wiki.J.Med) (a Wikipedia integrated peer-reviewed medicine and biomedicine journal on Wikiversity that also peer reviews medical articles on Wikipedia) [till Aug 2018] where I served administrative functions in addition to my contributions to the journal or attempts to popularize it. I have played a role in preparing grant proposals like this and this and have been the primary author of the initial version of Code of Conduct for WikiJournal participants. I have reviewed an article in Wiki.J.Med and am currently acting as a peer review coordinator for a couple of submissions to the journal.

I am a pubmed indexed author (ORCId: 0000-0002-7221-5022) and have coauthored a number of external publications regarding Wikipedia and Medicine, Wikidata, WikiJournal and WikiJournal of Medicine. Some of the important ones among them are:

  • Shafee, Thomas; Masukume, Gwinyai; Kipersztok, Lisa; Das, Diptanshu; Häggström, Mikael; Heilman, James (28 August 2017). "Evolution of Wikipedia’s medical content: past, present and future". Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health: jech–2016–208601. doi:10.1136/jech-2016-208601. 
  • Shafee, Thomas; Das, Diptanshu; Masukume, Gwinyai; Häggström, Mikael (15 January 2017). "WikiJournal of Medicine, the first Wikipedia-integrated academic journal". WikiJournal of Medicine 4 (1): 1. doi:10.15347/wjm/2017.001. 
  • Masukume, Gwinyai; Kipersztok, Lisa; Das, Diptanshu; Shafee, Thomas M A; Laurent, Michaël R; Heilman, James M (November 2016). "Medical journals and Wikipedia: a global health matter". The Lancet Global Health 4 (11): e791. doi:10.1016/s2214-109x(16)30254-6. 
  • Masukume, Gwinyai; Kipersztok, Lisa; Shafee, Thomas; Das, Diptanshu; Heilman, James (10 October 2017). "Updating Wikipedia should be part of all doctors' jobs". STAT News. 

The JECH article happens to be one of the most read articles. The impact of the work that I and my peers are doing can be found in this report.

I am a member of the Working group of Open Access India and been a participant and presenter at multiple Open Access conferences. I have collaboratively participated in the preparation of the proposed National Open Access Policy of India. Have a couple of social entrepreneurship projects in the pipeline, projects that help in collaboratively innovating and to promote scientific understanding. Right now I am in the concept stage of authoring a book on open culture.

While I was a medical student at Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata, I was the Editor of 'Kalapi' (Wall magazine) and 'Fortnight Flash' (Newsletter) and 'Medical Factsheet' (Newsletter) at the institution.

I have authored a chapter on 'Neurodevelopmental follow-up in high risk babies' in a book that is still in press. I have made conference presentations (papers as well as posters). I have participated and presented at a few Wikimedia events like Wikimania 2018, Train The Trainer program 2017 and WikiConference India 2016. I have been a part of various community outreach activities and have tried to inspire people contribute to the free knowledge movement. My efforts include initiatives like Wikipedia Welcomes Medical Students and Wikipedia Welcomes Pro Photographers in order to draw expert contributions to the Wikimedia movement.

I have been to a few European Union countries and that includes experience in Rome, Italy for my level 2 masters in pediatric neurology. I have attended Wikimania 2018 at Cape Town. I have collaborated and worked harmoniously with my fellow board members from across the continents.

I believe that my dedication to the Open Knowledge movement, my prolonged exposure to and familiarity with the Wikimedia culture, my medical background, my technical abilities, and my cooperative nature, make me suitable for the role.

Reading, writing, poetry, numismatics, philately and photography are some of the hobbies that I have.

Support Diptanshu (8+5=13)[edit]

  1. Support Support. --Csisc (talk) 22:55, 10 March 2019 (UTC) Decrease[reply]
  2. Support Support Like tears in rain (talk) 14:38, 11 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  3. Support Support. Chhandama (talk) 15:29, 11 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  4. Support Support. --Raimundo Pastor (talk) 21:50, 11 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  5. Support Support Gharouni 01:02, 12 March 2019 (UTC) Decrease[reply]
  6. Support Support. --Shanthoshraja (talk) 05:00, 12 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  7. Support Support Jane023 (talk) 08:44, 12 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  8. Support Support Petersmillard (talk) 10:07, 13 March 2019 (UTC)Decrease[reply]
  9. Support Support Abhijeet Safai (talk) 14:39, 14 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  10. Support Support JenOttawa (talk) 01:59, 19 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  11. Support Support Rajeeb (talk) 18:57, 23 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]

Mina Theofilatou  Checked[edit]

I am an electrical & computing engineer employed as a Computer Science Teacher at an evening high school for adults and second-chance learners, and I have also taught young students at primary, secondary and tertiary level. My first edit to Greek Wikipedia was in February 2007 and since then I have integrated Wikipedia editing into my teaching with local, national and international success (numerous school projects involving the Wikimedia projects, most have been communicated in Wikipedia in Education Newsletters, e.g. May 2017 and June 2017. Presentations at national and international events, e.g. co-authored and presented paper at Piraeus University, First prize at European STEM Education conference.). I have triple nationality (Greek - Canadian - American) and native fluency in Greek and English. Being bilingual, I have completed over 7000 pages of translation assignments and worked as an interpreter at 40 conferences. I am 52 (well, in a few days :-) and have been living in Greece for the past 39 years.

In 2015 I earned an IEG for Wikitherapy, a program I developed to introduce patients to editing the WM projects. The program was piloted successfully at a Mental Health Center in Argostoli, Kefalonia (my hometown) and James Heilman invited me to present the results at the WikiProject Med session of Wikimania 2016. In Esino Lario I met Andrea-Patricia Kleiman and she enthusiastically replicated the concept of Wikitherapy in a Buenos Aires psychiatric hospital. In 2017 the results of both our projects were presented at the poster sessions of a psychiatric conference in Argentina as well as at Wikimania 2017. In October of the same year I started editing medical content on Greek Wikipedia, primarily translating labels and descriptions of Wikidata items from English to Greek. With James's encouragement I have translated all the items needed for the offline medical app BUT not the articles (only around 5), as medical content is greatly lacking in Greek Wikipedia and there don't seem to be enough editors willing to participate in the endeavour. At Wikimania 2018 I presented these issues at the WikiProject Med session, along with my idea of editing Wikidata while attending a medical MOOC: I very much want to acquire rudimentary medical knowledge, and translating Wikidata items has helped me a lot in consolidating the new terms I learn. What I am proudest of however, in terms of medical content, is my translation of the WHO List of Essential Medicines: it is the only account of this very important list in the Greek language on the entire Internet.

I have attended Wikimania 2015, 2016 and 2018 on WMF scholarship, and I was offered a scholarship to Wikimania 2011 but had to decline for personal reasons. I have presented as a Wikipedian in the context of Wikimedia events (e.g. 1st Celtic Knot Wikipedia Language Conference in Edinburgh, Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2018 in Lviv) as well as in outreach settings (e.g. "Why the High School student became a Wikipedia editor" poster at the 1st Scientix conference in Brussels, "The Wikipedia Start-up Wizard" at SPICE Academy in Prague)

In July 2014 I was elected International Representative on the BoD of the Computer Science Teachers Association. I was on the board for two years, and duties included attending the Board meetings both in-person (Chicago, Arizona and Texas) and online, writing blog posts for the CSTA blog (two of which were about the benefits of Wikipedia editing for computer science students: The wonderful world of Wikimedia and Wikimania 2015) and active participation in the decision-making process. I am especially proud of initiating the "Computing for the Common Good" student video competition: illuminating the achievements of disadvantaged students and individuals and promoting projects for the common good underpin all of my activities and I will never stop exercising and propagating social awareness at every possible opportunity.

As mentioned above, my passion for helping others is what got me involved in WikiProject Med. My experience in teaching means that I am comfortable in communicating ideas to diverse audiences, and one of my visions is to get secondary-education students involved in editing medical content. My experience in governance means that I am familiar with decision-making processes. Finally, I really enjoy collaborating with the Wikimedians I have met through WikiProject Med (e.g. James, Alaa, Shani and Mahmood in person, Mossab over the Internet and hoping to meet in person soon!) and I believe more frequent contact will lead to even more successful collaboration :-)


Support Mina (9+1=10)[edit]

  1. Support Support. --Intermedichbo (talk) 14:41, 11 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  2. Support Support Like tears in rain (talk) 15:53, 11 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  3. Support Support --Mahmood (talk) 16:49, 11 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  4. Support Support Gharouni 01:02, 12 March 2019 (UTC) Decrease[reply]
  5. Support Support --- Darwin Ahoy! 02:01, 12 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  6. Support Support Jane023 (talk) 08:46, 12 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  7. Support Support --Netha Hussain (talk) 08:09, 13 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  8. Support Support --Geoide (talk) 10:44, 13 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  9. Support Support --Sami Mlouhi (talk) 01:29, 22 March 2019 (UTC)  Checked[reply]
  10. Support Support Shani Evenstein. 14:46, 24 March 2019 (UTC) Checked[reply]

Shani Evenstein Sigalov  Checked[edit]

Who I am
Hello everyone, my name is Shani Evenstein Sigalov. I am an Israeli Wikimedian and the current Chairperson for WikiProject Medicine Foundation.
What I do in life
I'm an academic and an educational technologies. I work as an EdTech Innovation Strategist at the Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, as well as a lecturer teaching Wikipedia & Wikidata at Tel Aviv University (TAU). I'm also a PhD candidate at the School of Education at TAU, and my research focuses on Wikidata as a learning platform. I have a BA in English Lit and French Culture, and an MA in Education, focusing on Technology & Learning. My MA thesis focused on implementing Wikipedia into the academic curriculum, using the case of the Wiki-Med elective course I opened at Sackler for Israeli Medical Students back in 2013 and an academic article I wrote on the subject was published in "Education and Information Technologies", by Springer Nature, in 2016.[1]
What I do in the Wikiverse
My main focus contributing to our movement has always been Wiki Outreach both locally and globally. After attending Wikimania Haifa, I joined the Hebrew Wikipedia community and became a member of Wikimedia Israel. Since joining, I've led a variety of educational initiatives. In addition, I served as WM-IL's National GLAM Projects Coordinator, leading collaborations with institutions such as the Israel Museum and the National Library. I've also been been a WM-IL board member for about 2 years. On Jan 2014 I resigned both roles to focus on my M.A. My thesis, which focused on a new course model I've developed for implementing Wikipedia into the academic curriculum in Medical School. I keep being involved with the chapter and supports GLAM-Wiki, EDU-Wiki, WikiWomen & Wikidata initiatives, as well as serve as a He-Wiki Admin. Internationally, I've been involved in Wikipedia & Medicine, Wikipedia & Education, GLAM-Wiki (including initiating a collaboration with TED), Wikipedia & Libraries, WikiWomen & Wikidata. I lecture about Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Movement frequently, lead various workshops teaching Wiki-literacy and wiki-editing to newcomers, and support fellow faculty in adding Wikipedia-related assignments into their curriculum. In recent years, I've become especially interested in Wikidata, which is the focus of many of the initiatives I lead.
Relevant Wiki-Milestones & Experience

  • On October 2013 I opened the Wiki-Med course at the Tel-Aviv University.[2] This is a for-credit elective course, the first of its kind, which gives Medical students academic credit for editing Wikipedia and its sister projects. I have just wrapped the 6th year of the course. So far, my students wrote over 300 medical-related articles (about 10% of medical content in Hebrew Wikipedia) that have gained over 6 million page views. Important to note—1) In this course, every student writes 2 med-related articles, and in the past few years, 1 of these articles relates to Women's Health issues, which is a theme. 2) My class is very diverse, with almost 50% women, but also Arabic, Russian and French native speakers, so knowledge equity and diversity in Medicine is something I'm very much aware of.
  • On October 2015, a new for-credit course focusing on contributing to Wikipedia opened at Tel Aviv University. This course is available to all undergraduate student on campus, from all discipline, and this year the course was re-launched featuring Wikidata, becoming the first for-credit course in the world to focus on Wikidata in Academia.
  • On September 2017, I opened a new Wiki-Med elective at the NY/American Medical Program at Sackler School of Medicine, where Amarican & Canadian Med students learned to contribute medical-related information to En-Wiki, as well as conduct related research.
  • I am a founding member of the Wikipedia Education Collaborative since its inception and today serve as the Chairperson for the Wikipedia & Education User Group.
  • I'm also a founding member of the Wikimedia and Libraries User Group and while I chose not to be part of its board, I follow & support their work.

Priorities and areas of focus
I've been a board member of the WikiProject Medicine Foundation since January 2017, and as of August 2017 serve as the User Group's chairperson. In this capacity, my main focus has been on facilitating a more stable, sustainable and diverse board. To achieve this goal, I've led several changes to our governance, including changing the board composition and bylaws, changing membership procedures, changing election procedures, introducing monthly board meetings, working on an annual plan, and a more stable and transparent financial arrangements for the organization. I have also invested in growing our global community by involving more people via our social media accounts, sharing our yearly reports widely and calling for action to participating in our activities, and speaking in various Wikimedia events encouraging more individuals, chapters and other affiliates to get involved with Medical-related content contributions, as well as advocating for what we do, especially regarding Internet-in-a-Box, in various international platforms. No doubt. There is still a lot that needs to be done, especially in terms of involving more people, better collaboration with other affiliates in our movement and a variety of organizations globally, and having better technological tools to assist us in our work. But I do believe we have a more stable infrastructure now, which is why I have been involved in pushing for our organization to become a Thematic Organization (we are awaiting AffCom's reply). I believe this new status will allow us to get more recognition for out work globally, will help involve more affiliates in what we do and will also serve as a good example for other evolving thematic organizations in our movement. If re-elected, I will keep using my academic and outreach experience to work more closely with other affiliates in the movement, as well as with global like-minded organizations that can help advance our mission. I will also continue to explore the implementation of WikiMed into Academia, as well as explore Wikidata's potential to advance WikiMed content and reach. Finally, coming from a small country and a small language, and being a women in our movement, I will keep advocating for a more diverse board (we do need more women participating), one that is less "English-centric" and one that is focused on knowledge equity - making sure that we invest more in emerging communities and the developing world and keep making sure high-quality medical content reaches the places in the world where it is mostly needed.


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