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Wiki Research Ideas/Volunteers

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This page aims to list volunteers who wish to engage in the Wiki Research Ideas Project ("Journal" and/or "Laboratory").

In the here you can see volunteers' names who wish to take part in the editing or reviewing work for a new research journal about Wikis and about research done by using Wikis or otherwise helping out with the project.

In case you want to contribute to this project please indicate how you'd like to be involved (including "without getting really involved" if that applies).


  • Pierre-Carl Langlais (talk) interested in editing/reviewing the journal. Might also give some help to set up the laboratory.
  • Claudia Koltzenburg (talk) interested in editing/reviewing ("Journal"); focuses on interdisciplinary interoperability of the Research Hub including Design issues.
  • Joe Corneli (talk) most interested in integrating the "journal" and "laboratory" aspects, helping with useful workflow for that
  • Ward Cunningham most interested in the "laboratory" wherein bright people find profound work easy
  • Kerry Raymond (talk) retiring soon so probably most interested in offering advice on work in progress or in reviewing journal articles
  • Sam Klein - interested in setting the tone for sharing every step of research, decoupling this from live-or-die publication decisions, supporting continuous research / feedback / translation / replication.
  • Dariusz Jemielniak - interesting in setting up a journal or helping in tightening the links with an existing one ("The Journal of Peer Production"?)
  • Ciphers - interested in general research topics, and applications of wiki technology, and communities.
  • Jürgen Fenn – German lawyer now specialising in further education in digital media, volunteered in the education programme of Wikimedia Deutschland from 2010 to 2013; public speaker on Wikipedia in education; interested in editing/reviewing the journal and in starting a German language version
  • Ed [talk] [en] - interested in following where this goes and possibly contributing later