Wiki World Heritage User Group/Meeting minutes 20210213

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Meeting information[edit]

online meeting of the board, on 13.02.2021 at 10:00 UTC, on Google Meets.



  • Roles assignment within the board
  • Advisors
  • Bylaws
  • 2021 activities
  • Partnerships



After presenting the different roles, members have been asked to choose one of the roles and if one role has more than one candidate, an internal vote will be done. Finally no vote was needed and the members applied for the below roles:


Governance advisor[edit]

Who? A member from the movement, with relevant experience in leading a thematic (international) user group.
Why? To provide advice and insights on the best practices in terms of managing multicultural & multilingual groups (communication, coordination, etc.).

UNESCO advisor[edit]

Who? A member from the movement, with relevant experience in a UNESCO office.
Why? To provide guidelines and feedback about projects and ensure that they align with the UNESCO vision (especially the World Heritage Centre), and to help the group initiate collaborations with UNESCO offices.

Wikidata advisor[edit]

Who? A member from the movement with relevant experience in Wikidata tools.
Why? Wikidata is a very powerful tool for content assessment, enhancement and promotion. Having an experienced advisor will help the group leverage the potential of wikidata and related tool to the fullest.

Members exchanged some names and the Chair will contact them and ask if they will accept to be advisors of the group.


The group bylaws will be drafted by the secretary, in collaboration with the other board members, and presented to members for review, improvement and validation. The bylaws will be inspired from examples in the movement.

2021 Activities[edit]


A meta page was created to list the events and international days that can be related to World Heritage. The board will ask the members to select the most relevant events and will add them to the official program.

For instance, the board discussed the possibility of participation in the “Mois de la contribution Francophone” by organizing an online wiki contest.

Wikidata Project World Heritage (new)[edit]

The board discussed the possibility of initiating a Wikidata project dedicated to World Heritage sites which can be used to generate a monitoring and dynamic dashboard for all sites around the world. An example of an existing project is the Lighthouse wikidata projectː

Whindanger (new)[edit]

53 World Heritage sites are inscribed on the Danger list. This project aims to document and increase awareness about these sites through organizing activities (photography contests / editathons) on relevant international events (World Environment Day for natural sites, and World Peace Day for cultural sites in danger because of armed conflicts), in collaboration with local partners within and outside the movement.

Told Cities (ongoing)[edit]

Told Cities was launched on the African World Heritage Day 2020 to document the significant buildings of African cities listed as World Heritage. In 2021, the group will continue the project implementation and expand it to other regions.

Contribution to movement ongoing activities[edit]

  • Wiki Loves Folklore : contacting the organizing team to add a prize dedicated to intangible World Heritage.
  • Wiki Loves Monuments: contacting the organizing team to add a prize dedicated to World Heritage Sites in countries without affiliates
  • Wiki Loves Earth : contacting the organizing team to add a prize dedicated to UNESCO nature reserves.

Capacity building[edit]

A skills assessment form was created in order to identify the members needs to proceed to organizing training sessions.

Communication and Social Media[edit]

The board discussed how to promote the group on social media and it was agreed during the meeting that Imelda and Benoit will setup a social media communication team with volunteers from the members of the group and be active on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter..). It was agreed also to create a website for the group (domain name to be defined later).


  • WikiFrancaː the board discussed the possibility to join WikiFranca and the Chair will contact them in order to join officially this thematic hub.
  • Jordanian Digital Arabic Content Association (JDACA)ː the board discussed the possibility to collaborate with JDACA and the Chair will contact Mosaab in order to build this partnership.