Wikibase Community User Group/2021 contact election

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The Wikibase Community User Group (WBUG), a Wikimedia-affiliated user group, is running an election to determine primary contacts to formally interact with Wikimedia on the group's behalf.


Affiliated user groups are expected to provide two contacts, of equal rank, to exercise their rights and responsibilities. Their main role is to "communicate and coordinate user group activities and reporting" with respect to Wikimedia. As part of this, they have power to submit official reports, and also act as electors for affiliate-selected Board seats - which will occur in 2022 - after facilitating discussion and reaching a consensus on such actions.

In the absence of the original contacts, the position fell into abeyance. While the 2019 annual report was filed, the 2020 report was not, placing the group's affiliation at risk. This election aims to help resolve this issue, in part. (You can help by editing this report, as well as the 2021 edition.)



Both candidates and voters should be able to show a minimal level of involvement in Wikibase (and ideally WBUG) prior to 2021-06-24.

If challenged, potential methods for validating involvement might include:

Votes or candidates may be struck based on consensus. If in doubt, the decision of the Affiliations Committee on eligibility is final.

Candidates should consider their availability for monthly and ad-hoc community meetings, and ability to maintain a presence in mailing lists and chat rooms, so as to participate in community discussions.


Candidates should summarize their activity in relation to Wikibase and this user group, as well as any wider skills or experience they feel to be relevant, and any conflicts of interest.

Voters may ask questions of the candidates in open discussion - individually, or en-mass - and candidates may respond, to the extent that they see fit. Discussions must remain civil.


Score voting is to be used. Eligible voters submit a ballot scoring all candidates independently from 1 to 5 - where 1 = Oppose Oppose, 2 = Neutral Neutral, 3 =  Weak support, 4 = Support Support and 5 = Strong support Strong support.

Each person may vote once, with one account. Anonymous votes will not be counted. If no vote is given for a candidate, it's assumed to be Neutral Neutral.

Up to two candidates will be elected: those holding the highest arithmetic mean scores of 3 or above, indicating at least  Weak support.

In the event of a tie for one or both positions:

  1. Open positions will be awarded to those with the most ballots in which they scored higher than the tied mean ("votes exceeding mean average").
  2. Failing that, the median score for each tied candidate across all ballots will be calculated. Candidates with the highest median will be selected.
  3. Failing that, random ballots will be picked, with the highest-ranked of the tied candidates eliminating others until the positions are filled.

Duration and succession[edit]

Withdrawn for discussion