Wikibase Community User Group/Meetings/2020-02-20

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Online meeting of the Wikibase Community User Group.


  • 18:00 CET, 1 hour, Thursday 20 February 2020
  • Online meeting on Jitsi
  • Notes


  1. Andra Waagmeester
  2. Jens Ohlig
  3. Sam Alipio
  4. Dragan Espenschied
  5. Alan
  6. Johannes



We started the meeting with an introduction of the participants.

We acknowledged that the Telegram channel is the backbone of the UG. There was a request for logging discussion and maybe try to catch important discussions and document this for future reference. We also addressed the available documentation. The proposed solution is to center all documentation in the Wikibase Registry.

Question were asked with respect to the status of the UG. The UG is a official structure for and by the users to engage in for example the annual Wikimedia Summit in Berlin. Envel will represent the UG in this years edition. Both Jens and Sam from WMDE were at the meeting, but expressed that they explicitly take the role of bystander and that driving the UG needs to be done by the community. Andra Waagmeester volunteered to steer the UG, together with Envel for the time being. We do need to find a structured way in driving the UG.

For the time being the UG will live on the Telegram channel, its mailing list and possibly recurring meetings. In these meetings we either showcase a Wikibase instance or discuss a specific issue (e.g. importing data into Wikibase).

We discussed setting up a WikibaseCon. For now that seems a bit too ambitious and for now aligning with WikidataCon is the prefered form. However, this should not prevent user to host distributed meetups.

Sam and Jens can be contacted in the Telegram channel for specific issues.

At the end of the meeting there was a quesiton about when OpenRefine will support Wikibase. Andra heard rumors that OpenRefine will not support Wikibase in the immediate future, due to lack of development bandwidth. They primarily focus on Wikdiata now. We briefly discuss alternative batch entry tools and interface, such as,,