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Wikibase Community User Group/Meetings/2021-07-29

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Online meeting of the Wikibase Community User Group.






  • Luca presents -- > "one of the goals is to contribute to the documentation and improve on it"
  • arbitrary access --
  • direct access is one of the configurations that many people are use to
  • not until spring 2019 there was no obvious way to explain how to configure server and client to make direct access
  • server configuration -- the site links group tells the server what group to represent
  • The base uri allows for calling the property ... and to do so you need to tell the server what exactly is the actual item or property (the full path)
  • Joe Wass: I never installed Wikibase before. In fact I found the docker distribution that worked and looked enough to get started for prototyping locally. How far will I have to get into Docker installation to get to the details you described ?
  • Luca: I looked into Docker after a few attempts I moved to manual installation. I know that docker is the easiest source to work with. There are efforts to make it easy to set it up. One advantages is that you have SPARQL end point installed in Docker. I never played with it and can't tell you about advantage of manual vs docker install.
  • Mohammed: Luca is very active on telegram group. If you need clarification you can reach out to him. the recording will be made available after this call.
Wikibase user group meta things
  • Mohammed: there is a lot of work that was done about user group reporting. we had an election to choose primary contact. I think laurence has most of the updates on that
  • Laurence: The election took place due to departure of group founders in 2019. Another member envel helpfully submitted a report for 2019 we are an affiliated group to WMDE. we are required to submit reports to WMDE. Envel tried to organise the group with another member. Situation got complicated in 2020 we had a leadership vacuum in the area. WMDE stepped in to provide meetings. We got together and organised the report. Normally the organisation of report is up to primary contact. We needed an election for primary contact. Thanks to envel and Lozana who set up the meeting. We did face issue recruting candidates. There were two candidates you can see one is clearly elected (Wikibase Community User Group/2021 contact election/Voting). I now have all rights and responsibilities in theory. The first is the report (Wikibase Community User Group/Reports/2020) I went through telegram group and added some of the conversations, summarising them. for the mailing list we ideally need two people to be administrators for this list. You can follow the phabricator ticket for running for this position, Perhaps WMDE would like to nominate someone? WMDE might want to retain ownership of the telegram group (Green: I accept that they may want to retain ownership, because in the past it "vanished", probably along with the founders.). I looked at code of conduct and it does say I am responsible for running a safe environment. I might ask for access to moderate the group if necessary. The priority right now is to submit the report to the group. If any one has comments I am open to hear any.
  • Mohammed: I think you summarised everything so nicely
  • Lozana: You summarised all the main points. I do think this group can benefit from at least two people being lead contacts. I did not get involved in running for the elections because I am involved in other wikibase communities already and did not want to initiate a potential conflict of interest in the future. But I don't mind to be involved on some level like helping with co-managing the mailing list for example, or other simple tasks that benefit from more people, but don't need official elections. The question of telegram group is also interesting. I don't know actually where is the CoC. I think the CoC can benefited from a few people reviewing it, I can help with that. In terms of elections, I understand why Sadik was not elected maybe the community wanted a familiar face and someone more active in telegram. If Sadik has more active involvement in the future, I would support having more people involved as lead contacts. Maybe in six months we can have another election or something like this. One thing about Telegram and the main WBUG wiki page that needs to be more clear is what is this community and its focus. An anecdote: on twitter a well-known UK academic tweeted about being interested in Wikibase, I pinged over the community page in a response and first reacted was that it's a bit overwhelming. I think we need to review a bit the overall framing of the community – how is it geared towards new-commers. Maybe some more friendly text on the Wiki page. We can also have a pinned post on Telegram that gives a couple of main pointers about the community, how interactions happen, what's the code of conduct, etc. The community has grown so fast, so we need to think about how we interface with new-comers a bit more.
  • Laurence: we can't have one contact person. I am still not sure on that point. I am hopeful that would be the case for now because only one person got elected. In the worse case if they say no then we need to have another election. I will plan to finish the report then and will be looking into submitting it. I don't have experience with that if some one has experience with that you can talk to me after the meeting. Mohammed do you know anything about the mechanism?
  • Mohammed: I don't have experience with that.
  • Laurence: I will probably email the affiliate committee. I anticipate that being done in two weeks and will report if I get anything from the affiliation committee in that period.
  • Mohammed: I will set up a Wikibase table in Wikimedia. I will be needing some help to man that desk because it is going to span over multilple days. I will come back with some time slots that you could sign up for.
  • Laurence: keep us informed and we can see if we can chip in.

*Meeting recording didn't render properly, but this is a previous recording of the same presenter at the Wikimedia Hackathion earlier in 2021.