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Wikibase Community User Group/Meetings/2021-09-30

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Online meeting of the Wikibase Community User Group.






  1. Lozana Rossenova (Rhizome / TIB)
  2. Georgina Burnett (WMDE)
  3. Laurence "GreenReaper" Parry (WBUG / WikiFur)
  4. Sella Gonzalez
  5. Masssly
  6. Alexander Derveaux (FOMU)


  • Lozana and Laurence have been invited to curate the Wikibase track in WDC
  • Lozana: For those not comfortable with presenting for 30-60 minutes, there is the possibility to do a lightning talk (around 5-10 minutes).
  • Lozana: other idea: session proposal from the Wikibase live session group? Run the live session as part of the Wikibase track at WikidataCon. A good time to introduce the user group to others, and give us an opportunity to talk about the future of the user group. Lozana and Laurence to draft this proposal.
  • Laurence: discussion in WBStack chat around back ups. Currently, no backup system.
  • OpenGLAM hackathon, Lozana was in a session on vulnerable archives, organized by Susanna annas; Linked jazz project was also featured in the session. Might be worth getting in touch with organizers to get more feedback if any work connected to Wikibase was done during the hackathon - there is a slide deck (Georgina has seen some of it nothing featured WB as far as she saw, but we could check out the rest).
  • Lozana: New work going on from the OpenRefine team - project to develop an upload workflow from OpenRefine for SDC (structured data on commons) that involves files uploads alongside metadata uploads. This work is funded by Wikimedia Foundation and will be completed next year. It will also involve abstraction for any Wikibase, not just Wikidata.
  • OpenRefine - thoughts on a demo during WDC? - Maybe Lozana can demo connecting OpenRefine to an arbitrary Wikibase; could be as part a longer session dedicated to upload workflows.
  • Offer for lightning talk on QuickStatements and how it's used within the Enslaved project from Seila
  • GreenReaper poposes that Lozana act as a functionary for the second user group meeting that is required:
    • "You must provide the Wikimedia Foundation the names and contact informations for at least two representatives for your user group. These representatives must agree to this agreement."
    • Concern is without this we cannot renew membership and might be dropped as a group.
    • Suggestion to post to the mailing list and Telegram with a deadline of e.g. next Monday.
  • Suggestion to perhaps investigate grant-funded projects once that is settled, things outside the scope of WMF and WMDE e.g. OpenRefine connections or ARM64 architecture.
  • Mailing list - once agreement on two contacts is obtained, move forward with Phabricator ticket