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Archived notes from Etherpad of the 2021-04-29 meeting.


16:00 UTC, 1 hour, Thursday 29th April 2021 (and same time last Thursday of every month)

Online meeting on Google Meet:

Join by phone:

Participants (who is here)[edit]

  1. Diane Shaw (Smithsonian Libraries & Archives)
  2. Jeff Goeke-Smith (, Matrix, Michigan State University)
  3. Jeroen De Dauw (
  4. Mohammed (WMDE)
  5. Laurence "GreenReaper" Parry (
  6. Georgios Mavropalias


We invite you to come and share out about your project or what you're working on around Wikibase.


Next session

  • The live session have an informal schedule of last Thursday every month; we may stick to that moving forward
  • The next session will happen on May 27th where we're expecting a formal presentation by a partner. More details to come