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Wikibase Community User Group/Meetings/2022-02-24

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Online meeting of the Wikibase Community User Group.






  1. Mohammed Sadat (WMDE)
  2. Laurence 'GreenReaper' Parry (WikiFur / WBUG)
  3. Georgina Burnett (WMDE)
  4. Kris Litson (WMDE)
  5. Doug Emery (Digital Scriptorium)
  6. Martin
  7. Rodrigo (WMPE) (User:Rdrg109)
  8. Joseph Troy (University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign)
  9. Finn Årup Nielsen (fnielsen)


  • Had complaints about problems with the install process, documentation staff is interested in addressing them. Please place any feedback you have into the talk page at ... https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Talk:Wikibase/Installation ? (Is this the right link?)
  • Rodrigo is interested in Wikibase and wishes to understand how Wikibase works in order to make more interesting contributions to Wikidata, where he currently is most active. Mostly interested in querying with SPARQL - writing queries and show data in different formats, graphs or bar charts etc.
  • Joseph is looking at an authority file on Wikibase for the university of Illinois library(?). George mentions the existing library communities working on their own authority files (e.g. German National Library)
  • 1.36 had Update to query UI. Translation and other minor updates. Big release will be 1.37 (as touched on last meeting).
  • Wikibase.cloud has had lots of interest, 40 people expressing curiosity. Plan to launch by the end of this quarter (March) but people signing up on the mailing list will not be the first users, but rather migration of WBStack. Later in the year it will be opened up to new users. (WBStack is unfortunately not allowing signup.)
    • Wikibase.cloud will launch in late Mar-early Apr. The focus will be migrations. Those on the waiting list will only be able to join once existing WBStack users have been migrated. No current date known. This year for sure. Kris says optimistically third quarter of the year. May depend on how many people want to migrate; the level of migration will determine how long it takes. This summer hopefully new users can be onboarded. See also Phabricator: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/project/subprojects/5563/
  • Finn: Creation of individual fields slow, wanted to create an ontology and have standard fields.
  • Rodrigo: Does https://furry.wikibase.cloud/tools/cradle/?#/shex/E2 takes a SheX and convert it to a form? If so, why isn't this tool used in Wikidata? https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Cradle . As far as I know, the current approach is to store the forms as Wikitext in that page and the form is built from the syntax stored in WikiText

As you say, one way of creating forms is the syntax on the Project:Cradle page - ShEx support was added at a later date, I believe, and so there were already forms that used the syntax, whereas there were not necessarily ShEx for them. Moreover it may be that some features such as soft vs hard select from a set of options are not available when read from ShEx yet - in my case, that was not required, however for many use-cases it might be. Perhaps a useful area to contribute to! ;-) Code is in https://github.com/wbstack/cradle/blob/main/public_html/vue_components/shex-page.html#L81 etc. You can see for example that it requires the prefix wdt: and use of the 'EXTRA' syntax, the latter is commonly present on Wikidata but not actually required by the standard. IIRC some things are potentially read but not used

  • Rodrigo: Thanks!
    • Rodrigo: Where can I find that "standard"?

https://shexspec.github.io/spec/ or alternatively http://shex.io/shex-semantics-20170713/ if you want something closer to reviewed/published rather than the currently developed work.

  • Rodrigo: Thanks! Contributions to annual reports still welcome, they are living documents, so please feel free to add things you did as part of WB community activity (e.g. discussed in official chat or mailing list, or Wikibase track at events), excluding official Wikibase work by non-volunteers and Wikidata-specific stuff.