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Online meeting of the Wikibase Community User Group.



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  1. Mohammed (Masssly)Valerie Wollinger
  2. David Lindemann (
  3. Laurence 'GreenReaper' Parry (
  4. Christoph Jackel
  5. Evelien
  6. Chris
  7. Finn Årup Nielsen
  8. Myst (WikibaseIntegrator)


New WMDE staff Valerie and Jon join the Wikibase team Valerie will forward requests to WMDE developers and communicate dev changes to community [David] I plan to very briefly mention my work on wikibase instances, and planned further work. Here, a set of slides, presented earlier this month at a Digital Humanities workshop: PDF slides: I share a document about "reasons to use Wikibase", wich also contains a short feature wishlist and a suggestion (doc to be completed before the session, could be used then for others to add/comment: - this is great <3 needs to be submitted in a week (as it is overdue), input welcome and will be merged with information from Telegram and mailing list groups as it was in David briefly presents slides from the Digital Humanities workshop - several separate projects - ultimate goal to get data on Wikidata or federate with it

Migrate zotero data to Wikibase (via an import translator and citation tool), connecting to OpenRefine and harvesting from Wikidata, aligning to it, so that it is possible to send data to it going forwards

[zotero]( is a citation manager, web publisher full-text store

Has a LexVoc vocab of lexical terms, Indexation by finding terms in full texts, using python flashtext

Want to calculate clusters of topics or disambiguate ambiguous terms in SKOS graphs

With alignment it is possible to easily import from Wikidata - dialectal lemmata and forms, and their attestations in video transcriptions

Bringing together dialectal forms and lemmata to standard versions

for text-to-lexeme, dialect recognition/generation/dictionary (multilingual translation via Wikidata)

Linking between sites from different corpera

Lexemes need a part of speech atached but this is not always the case in Basque (or English); sound can be verb/noun, don't know which form to link, can be 'undefined' on your own Wikibase but not WD

Problem with data model (and ontolex), grammatical description of form doesn't allow ordered chain (root + suffixes that can be long and ordered, cannot be represented in model - currently in discussion) - modeling Quechua lexical data from Runasimi Dictionary

plan to include e.g. attestations/frequency information from Quechua webcorpora - scientific publications in Basque language, ultimate goal to send to Wikidata

Similar to lexbib,. develop/populate ontology, constant update and item merge, Wikidata as authority file - for mapping Czech MARC-XML data to Wikibase properties, same goal

Prepare 650,000 MARC records to put on Wikidata, 'perfect' use of, sandbox without polluting Wikidata, if it works and you have your entities linked you can send it to Wikidata

Want MARC as linked open data, librarians interested in this solution for LODification workflow

Linked etherpad document explains advangages and also disadvantages of Wikibase, input desired(?)

e.g. would like to be able to specify a class for Cradle, or inverse results (e.g. father/son)

Maybe a PRO offering could be provided to offer formal GDPR/uptime/backup guarantees? e.g. wants to know what will happen if disappears, want data security

but not at the price of 3000 Euros/year from

WMDE need to determine if they can meet an RDM plan - need to find out needs and suitable pricing, if they even want to do that or if it doesn't meet their purposes

Is not affiliated with Wikimedia Enterprise which offers corporate options:

Planning more Datathon to LODify (create linked open data), could have invite codes for

Six instances is not enough for this purpose (as also discussed on the Telegram group)

Could we have a Telegram chat link on the website?

Nov 9 quarterly Wikidata/Wikibase office hours


how do you get the lexdata into lexbib?

David: I use the wikibaseintegrator -

Finn: needs help with this issue