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Wikibase Community User Group/Reports/2022

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In 2022 the Wikibase Community User Group continued its primary activity of supporting Wikibase users through its mailing list and Wikibase Community on Telegram - the busiest venue of discussion outside of meetings.

Many members started joining the group to discuss Wikibase.cloud in a separate mailing list and Telegram channel (established for the earlier WBStack), although conversations frequently spilt between them.

No grants were solicited from WMF for the activities of the group, though the possibility was discussed.



Seven hour-long videoconferencing meetings were held with varying topics; attendance varied from 4-10 (~8):

Selected mailing list threads


While the majority of issues were discussed on Telegram, the mailing list remained a useful venue for longer questions and explanations.

Administrative control of the mailing list was assumed by the new primary contacts in August (task T321090); WMDE controls the Wikibase.cloud list.