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Logo proposal for 2016 edition

The Cookbook week (CBW) is an annual event made to improve Wikibooks' cookbooks and share recipes of all countries. During a week, contributors are invited to contribute to Cookbooks in all languages.


During the first complete week of July, contributors are invited to improve the cookbooks in these ways:

  • Add recipes of recipes of their countries
  • Translate recipes of their Cookbooks in different languages
  • Translate recipes of other Cookbooks in their language
  • Add pictures on recipes from Commons and take pictures of meals
  • Link recipes to Wikidata items


The CookBook week is not a contest, there is no committee or global rewards. Contributors just have to respect rules of Wikibooks.


A new logo is chosen by the community on Meta each year. It must be flat, in the Wikimedia's blue (#336699 in HEX), and have a relationship with food. Community is asked to choose logos from various cultures.


Wikibooks' communities can rewards most invested contributors of the event


Wikibooks are asked to count how many recipes they have before and after the event (you can do it with PetScan)


CBW is announced two weeks before the beginning at the Village pump and on the community portal. A CentralNotice banner announce it two days before the beginning, and is left until last day of the event.

A central page will be created and marked for translation on Meta.