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This SVG file uses text, not paths, which is why it scales poorly. However, this also makes it easy to localize. Base your localized version off this file.

Localization of the logo will be fairly easy, as the SVG format has been used to create this logo.

You may use Inkscape for changing the text. If necessary, contact the author of the logo for further help.

  1. Change/create your localized project name and slogan (see fonts)
  2. Convert your SVG into a PNG file (MediaWiki does this on-the-fly e.g.), with a standard width of 135px (max. frame size: 155 × 155 px). Since the logo is square, it should be:
  3. Upload your localized logo locally at "File:Wiki.png" and full-protect it indefinitely.
  4. If your site's logo does not update, file a request on Bugzilla to get your local Wiki.png enabled by a shell user (similar to 17078).

Setting the new path yourself (workaround)[edit]

Please read #Localization for how to properly activate your logo.
The following is just meant being a temporary CSS workaround, for the waiting time only.

Place the following lines into your local MediaWiki:Common.css (or make a gadget):

#p-logo a, #p-logo a:hover {
    background: url( 35% 50% no-repeat !important;

Important: Remember removing the CSS lines again after your File:Wiki.png has been activated, as the CSS workaround is redundant then and will overwrite future logos (e.g. tweaks)!

Changing the background[edit]

Alternate background based off the logo.
* background-awesomeness|background-awesomeness.css
The CSS code:
body {
    background: #fbf9ff url('') 0 0 no-repeat;
#page-base, #head-base, #head {
    background-color: transparent;
    background-image: none;

Images to update[edit]

Missing stuff?[edit]