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Wikicat entities require reference to certain entities which are not bibliographic in nature and so require definition in their own Wikidata datasets. This page simply catalogs such entities, their minimal attributes, and the datasets they naturally belong to.

Chronology Dataset[edit]

Chronological Unit[edit]

Unit of chronology.

    > DESC chronological_unit;
    COLUMN        TYPE           DESC
    chron_unit_code VARCHAR2(3)  Chronology unit Code
                  NOT NULL
    name          VARCHAR2(50)   Chronological short name
                  NOT NULL
    > select * chronological_unit;
    chronological_unit name
    day               Day (Earth)
    mon               Month
    year              Year

Periodicity Type[edit]

Periodicity types for various (but usually daily or greater) recurring schedules.

    > DESC periodicity_type;
    COLUMN        TYPE           DESC
    period_code   VARCHAR2(3)    Periodicity primary key code
                  NOT NULL
    name          VARCHAR2(50)   Periodicity short name
                  NOT NULL
    description   VARCHAR2(100)  Description
    chron_unit    VARCHAR2(3)    Largest chronological unit of 
                                 which the period is unit
                                 multiple of
    > select * periodicity_type;
    period_code       name            description
    day               Daily           
    2wk               Semiweekly      Twice a week
    wee               Weekly
    wk2               Biweekly        Every two weeks
    2mo               Semimonthly     Twice a month
    mon               Monthly
    mo2               Bimonthly       Every two months
    qrt               Quarterly
    3an               Three times a year
    2an               Semi-annual     Twice a year
    ann               Annual
    an2               Biennial        Every two years
    an3               Triennial       Every three years
    3wk               Three times a week
    3mo               Three time a month
    unk               Unknown
    cnt               Continuous
    irr               Irregular
    oth               Other

Values for bibliographic issues periods taken from UNIMARC field 110 $a/1 and MARC21 field 008 /18.


Table stores definitions of historical calendars.

    > DESC calendar;
    COLUMN        TYPE          DESC
    calendar_code VARCHAR2(3)   Primary key of the entity
                  NOT NULL
    name          VARCHAR2(50)  Name of the calendar
                  NOT NULL
    solar_harmonic BOOLEAN      If the calendar is harmonic with
                  NOT NULL      the solar year.
    lunar_harmonic BOOLEAN      If the calendar is harmonic with
                                the lunar year.
    first_use_date DATE         Date of first use
                  NOT NULL
    end_use_date  DATE          Date of last use

Government Data Set[edit]

Level of Jurisdiction[edit]

Level of jurisdiction.

    > DESC jurisdiction_level;
    COLUMN        TYPE          DESC
    jurisdiction_code VARCHAR(3) Jurisdiction level code
                  NOT NULL
    name          VARCHAR2(50)  Name of the jurisdiction level
                  NOT NULL
    sovereign     BOOLEAN       Whether this is a sovereign level
                                of jurisdiction
    > select * from jurisdiction_level
    jurisdiction_code name              sovereign
    loc               Local             FALSE
    mlt               Multi-local       FALSE
    dep               County/Department FALSE
    sta               State/Province    FALSE
    mst               Multi-state       FALSE
    nat               Federal/National  TRUE
    int               Intergovernmental TRUE
    aut               Autonomous        FALSE
    exl               Government-in-Exile TRUE
    oth               Other             FALSE

Values taken from UNIMARC field 100 $a/20 and MARC21 field 008 /28