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Project name[edit]

What is a short name for the activity/project you are proposing? Balinese WikiLontar, collect metadata and cataloging balinese palm-leaf manuscript in Bali island area to added more reference for Wikipedia, specially Wikidata and Wikisource. The metadata catalog for the manuscripts will include the manuscripts parameter with additional parameters, such as: dimension, cover photos, date created, date recreated, the authors/writers, number of pages, summary, origins, coordinates, owners, genre, license, condition and universal numbering for palmleaf (this will be new format). This parameters still can be expanded. For rough view, you can see the table in palmleafwiki, i also try to add the metadata into the article infobox like this one.

More information about balinese palmleaf manuscript can be readed here. This project is important for us, because not many efforts even universal register number exist to make the manuscripts known.[1]

Contact information[edit]

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Joseagush(_AT_) or Joseagush(_AT_)
your nearest city and country
Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Details of team members (optional)
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The activity/project[edit]

Tell us about your proposed project. What will you get achieved with this time?
Describe why you think this project is important, and how the project is different from your normal volunteer contributions.

This projects help to contribute quality reference into Balinese Wikipedia and upcoming Balinese Wikisource along with Indonesian Wikipedia. The catalogs will be uploaded in Commons and Internet archive. Many balinese literature coming from palm-leaf manuscript which locally named "lontar". Our target is palmleaf which already preserved by many of the society which still not cataloging and digitizing because of lack of balinese can read and write balinese script anymore. Many balinese palm-leaf already has catalog in Internet Archive. We try to collect and cataloging palm-leaf manuscript data OUTSIDE the archive or Balinese Wikisource catalog.

The activity/project include:

  • Cataloging around 50 balinese palmleaf manuscript which not yet identified in 2 houses or more.
  • Create catalog table and shared to Wikisource and Internet Archive.
  • Create online Editathon to add all lontar metadata to Wikidata. Right now only 3-4 subject dataset about lontar exist in wikidata.

Your qualifications[edit]

Describe how you (and, if applicable, your team)are able to achieve this project. What skills, expertise, and motivation do you have which will enable you to succeed? I am administrator in Balinese Wikipedia and editor in Indonesian Wikipedia. I working also in several wiki project such as Wikidata and Commons.

Proposed activity dates[edit]

When will you undertake this project? (This may be two, three or four days. Not necessarily consecutive). The latest allowable date is 1 May 2021. Each Saturday and Sunday of January or February 2021 (total 4 days or more).


  1. Cisilia Agustina. S (author), Irma Yudistirani (ed) (30 November 2015). "Lontar, Warisan budaya Bali yang tak mendunia, perlu proses supaya diakui.". Retrieved September 9, 2020. 


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