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Example / test websites[edit]

This is a first proposal. It adds a few new ideas:

  • An issue can be deleted if enough people think it should be deleted
  • If nobody changes anything for a fixed amount of time, it means the proposal is now ready for vote.
  • A priority is set, and everyone can vote to make this proposal a more important issue [up or down]. (this will influence its position on the special page where we can see the list of all the issues classified by categories).
  • When a vote is taking place, the tab "vote" becomes active, and the tab "propositions and amendments" becomes inactive.
  • The +/- Tab is for giving ones opinion (why I think this is bad / this is good / why I'd rather propose this...)

... waiting for your comments! Vmandrilly 17:49, 27 August 2007 (UTC)[reply]


This is a work in progress of a potential organizational structure.

  • Stake holder pages
Here entities within the system can create pages. Businesses and individuals can create pages advocating for their own best interest.
  • Proposal pages
Here is where proposals for law changes are made.
  • Problem pages
Here are where real or perceived problems within one's community are discussed and explored


Rivers, streams, lakes, or creeks that are polluted and seems no one is doing anything about them?

Invasive species that it seems no one is doing anything about?

Other items you might change?


This is for brainstorming and trying things out to see how they relate to and interact with this proposal/idea.

Do you, or a group which includes you, have control over a jurisdiction? Would you like to open an area up for development? Please post details here.

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