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This page should be used for summarizing, coordinating and promoting activities of wikidata-related projects.

Ideas and current implementations[edit]



Wikipedia Projects[edit]

Chemical Data Pages[edit]

See for example w:Aniline (data page) which shows supplementary data. Pages like this could be moved to WikiData as they are not really encyclopedic.


French Wikipedia has Reference: namespace (example) : see fr:Aide:Espace référence for details. This space has been created following

  1. a community decision (largely consensual) and
  2. some discussion & decision regarding bibliographic conventions;

it led the way to Wikiproject Sources. "Référence:" are used to simplify quoting sources by putting all "technical" informations on those pages and just giving a link from articles. It could use some Wikidata, and also be expanded into a separate site, like Wikimedia Commons.

Wikipedia Persondata[edit]

en:Wikipedia:Persondata (also exists in other Wikipedia languages: in Winter 2007 there were approximately 15000 persondata entries in English Wikipedia and 175000 "Personendaten" in German Wikipedia). The project uses hidden (has a special CSS-style) tables to add metadata in bibliographic articles. The data is structured using uniform templates and can be extracted with scripts via XML / SQL database dumps or webscrapers "Templatetiger".

Wikiproject Geodata[edit]

en:Wikipedia:WikiProject Geographical coordinates is another multilingual project to create database powered information. In this case articles are connected with geographical coordinates and so that points of interest can be embedded into 3D satelite picture viewers like NASA Worldwind or Google Earth and link back to Wikipedia.


Wikispecies was launched in September 2004 to create a database for taxonomy. They currently use the standard implementation of MediaWiki software without database enhancements. Techniques used are: interwiki links and templates which make its use quite limited. The data is currently not available for other Wikipedia projects. The participants are awaiting wikidata to be implented.


Templatetiger extracts all templates from the database dump. It intends to analyse the variable values contained in the templates and represent them in new ways, apply filters and do other useful stuff.


  • scionline.org one implementation of a modified Cite extension.
    • stores references in a database table
    • uses a popup to allow editors to enter citations as they edit text (modeled on the way people use citation software like endnote)
      • users can either cite an existing reference or add a new one if no one else has entered it yet
    • creates a page for each reference where it can be evaluated/discussed
    • provides a reverse citation index (a list of all articles that cite each reference)

Other materials for analysis[edit]

Extensions and similar[edit]

Lexicography and semantics[edit]



General needs[edit]

  • Easy to use extensions
  • Structured data.
  • Extension implementation to Wikimedia projects in a reasonable amount of time.

Cite related needs[edit]

  • Extensible citation (notes, references, etc.) (bug 6271)
  • Elected or appointed body for checking references (Wikimedia projects)? If such body would exist, it should be international.
  • Compatibility with BibTex (and other standards?). (bug 8167)

Software implementations[edit]

This is the place for working software implementations which are or aren't used on some particular project.

Project implementations[edit]

This is the place for software implemented or should-be-implemented on some particular project.


Should be implemented[edit]

Please, describe here working software which you think that should be implemented on some of Wikimedia projects.

Current situation of wikidata-related projects[edit]

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