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This is the documentation of all jobs running on the local Wikidata test server Jenkins.

The URL of the local Wikidata Jenkins: http://

Jenkins jobs description and schedule[edit]

Job Documentation Scheduled
backup_jenkins_jobs backup of Jenkins setup to external HDD weekly
backup_vms backup of VMs to external HDD weekly
wikibase-checkout checkout Wikidata client and repo daily
wikibase-checkout-all-client-extensions checkout all client extensions weekly
wikibase-cleardata deleteAllData after checkout
wikibase-htmlvalidation HTML validation daily after checkout
wikibase-phpunit PHPUnit tests, our groups only daily after checkout
wikibase-phpunit-all PHPUnit tests, all groups daily after checkout
wikibase-phpunit-codecoverage PHPUnit test coverage report generation, repo daily after checkout
wikibase-phpunit-codecoverage-client PHPUnit test coverage report generation, client daily after checkout
wikidata-testcoverage-html Merging of PHPUnit test coverage reports and pushing to dev-9 daily after report generation
wikibase-selenium-mac-grid, wikibase-selenium-ubuntu-grid, wikibase-selenium-win7-grid-chrome, wikibase-selenium-win7-grid-firefox, wikibase-selenium-win7-grid-ie Selenium jobs for Selenium and QUnit tests daily