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Other Noteworthy Stuff[edit]

Did you know?[edit]


  • Added index removal and addition support to Wikibase Database
  • Improved initialization code of Wikibase Query
  • Added database setup code to Wikibase Query
  • Added schema updating support to Wikibase QueryEngine
  • Added SimpleQuery special page to Wikibase Query. This page allows users to find entities by a property value pair
  • Formatters for snaks/values are now used throughtout Wikibase
  • Some progress on DecimalValues and QuantitiyValues
  • Started work to include the data type of snaks in the JSON dumps
  • Worked on cleaning up inconsistent handling of Claim GUIDs vs hashes.
  • Implemented more convenient user interface for Special:SimpleQuery.
  • MergeAPI module and claim editing from wbeditentity to be deployed
  • Further work on a build step to make deployment easier

See current sprint items for what we’re working on next.

You can view the commits currently in review here and the ones that have been merged here.

You can see all open bugs related to Wikidata here

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