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This page is a translated version of the page Wikidata and the translation is 83% complete.

Wikidata (www.wikidata.org) aims tae creat a free knowledge base aboot the warld that can be reid an editit bi humans an machines alik. It will provide data in aw the leids o the Wikimedie projects an allae for the central access tae data in a similar vein as Wikimedie Commons daes for multimedia files. Wikidata is a new Wikimedie hostit an maintained project.

It enables central management of interwiki links located in the sidebar, between projects' language versions and across projects covering given subjects, which was previously implemented through individual interwiki links at page bottoms.

The ineetial deveelopment o the waurk is fundit wi a generous donation bi the Allen Institute for Airtificial Intelligence [ai]2, the Gordon n Betty Moore Fundation, n Google, Inc.

Further information

  • Wikidata.org – this is the production wabsteid.
  • Wikidata test steid
  • Introduction – affers ae non-techneecal introduction tae the goals o the Wikidata waurk proposal.
  • ASS – answers some o the maist affen speired speirins.
  • Development – affers an owerluik o the nou development wairk.
  • Contreebute – shaws hou ye can help.
  • Glossary – is ae leet o terms uised aroond Wikidata n thair explanation.

Impact on Wikipedie

We are wirkin on three major things:

  1. Centralizing leid airts
  2. Providin a central place for infobox data for aw Wikipedies
  3. Creatin an updatin leet airticles based on data in Wikidata


We are postin regular summaries o the activities aroond Wikidata on Status updates.


Wikidata is currently the largest Wikimedia project, with over 100 million content pages.