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Welcome to the development page of the proposal wikidirect.


  • A few templates may have to be withdrawed from certain wiki projects. A repeatedly mentioned template is the Infobox from Wikivoyage [1], which could be used as a great table for fact representation.


This is the first demo of template movement request. this template is the infobox in Wikivoyage, the one mentioned above.It has a major impact as a fact card for a write-up, and will always be useful in articles regarding medicine, mobile phones or any other new technological equipment

. If a proposal such as Wikitemplates get published, template movement would be very simple. Other than template movement, we could always paste the same syntax on a newly published template.

User rights[edit]

  • Each user will have specific rights according to expertise and credibility, such rights are distributed for the safety of the wiki as well as the society. The following said will be the rights shared among user groups in wikidirect.
  • Admins- Blocking users, page deletions, page moving, template editing... etc...
  • Autoconfirmed (above 100 edits)- Editing of main articles that holds the probability of harming human life as mentioned on Wikilife)

How you can contribute[edit]

  • For now, all you have to do is add your name to the list given below and support this project to the fullest. If the project is approved and published by the WMF, you can help in 2 ways.
  • Editing articles
  • Behind the scenes work

Editing Articles[edit]

When editing articles you will have to dedicate yourself to research. Truth comes first, if you publish lies, this may lead you to a ban or the downfall of trust in the community. Edit only the articles that you have experience in, do not go and edit medical articles without proper analysis from valid textbooks. Always have a good preparation, create articles that provides answers to substantial interrogations. Step up and edit the wiki with hardihood! It would just be like editing Wikipedia.

Behind the scenes[edit]

  • Being an editor behind the scenes would be just like laying the ground work with coding, blocking and etc... It is the best way to go for a person who doesn't have much experience. A few things to do is copy editing, checking new edits, discussing, introducing new proposals for the wiki. If you can help in any other way other than editing articles, please do!

Article creation[edit]

Article creation would be enabled to all known users (except for the ones who are banned/blocked). Creation of a productive article would gain you reputation.