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Wikigrannies User Group

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Welcome to our user group!

Wikigrannies User Group
Country codeBAK
Legal statusWikimedia User Group
Founding dateOctober 26, 2019
Approval dateFebruary 2, 2020
Official language(s)Bashkir
Other language(s)
Key peopleContacts

The Wikigrannies user group — a group of users who are interested in the development of Wikimedia projects, working in different languages. Older people have great life experience and knowledge. At the same time, they need social adaptation, but also have more spare time and can be involved in the development of wiki projects.

Goals and tasks

  • Uniting all Wikimedians of older age, and all other willing people.
  • Social adaptation of older people, involving them in Wikimedia projects.
  • Popularization of wiki projects among people in rural areas, who have a limited social circle, and involving them in wiki projects.
  • Collaborating with local government, organizations, and people on issues of receiving grants and other materials for the dissemination of free knowledge.


  • Organizing wiki meetups, wiki seminars, wiki interest groups, clubs, etc.
  • Organization of article writing contests, marathons, and thematic weeks.


  • At Wikimania 2019 in Stockholm, Katherine Maher, CEO and ED of the Wikimedia Foundation, talked about the role of the Bashkir grandmas played in developing Wikipedia.
  • At the international conference of Wikimedia volunteers of Central and Eastern Europe, which took place on October 11–13 in Belgrade, Güzel Sitdıkova gave a talk about what the Bashkir Wiki grandmas have been doing. Following her talk, it was suggested that all older Wikimedians be united.
  • When the Wikimedians of the Bashkortostan User Group met on October 26, a decision was made to create the "Wikigrannies User Group".


Criteria for becoming a member

Every user who shares the ideals of the Wikimedia movement in the area of the popularization of free knowledge can join the group, without regard to language skills. Activity in Wikimedia projects is desired, but is not a binding condition. To join the group, it is enough for a new member to send a request by email or to contact any group member on other communication channels.

Interested in participating

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