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Wikigraphists Bootcamp (2018 India)/Safety and Security Report

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Wikigraphists Bootcamp
(2018 India)

Status: Done
Participation Program Miscellaneous


Based on the structure and needs of the Indian Wikimedia communities, a rough draft of the friendly space policy was prepared. An attempt was made to mention all possible matters of concerns in the document. The document was then reviewed by Marti Johnson, the suggested amendments were made and the before the approval of the final version, the policy and some key points were discussed with Christel Steigenberger. The response team was formed by having members representing different sections of communities involved in the event. The link to the policy was shared with all the participants and copies of the same were also displayed at the venue.


The event went well and no major issues were reported before or after the event. But some trivial unintentional issues of ignorance were observed which could have been avoided by explicitly mentioning them in the policy, but as it's not always possible to specify every single detail in the document and in order to counter such issues, a short document of Do's and Don'ts was also prepared and copies of the same were displayed at various places in the venue.


As no issues of friendly space violation were reported during the event, but the team had some observations and to clarify the issues and to seek more guidance on dealing with similar issues in future, a call with Steigenberger was arranged by the event organizer. The observations were discussed in detail and the steps taken by the team to check the same were also shared. Some preventive actions for future events were also discussed. The session was very helpful for us in understanding the situations and refining the policy for future events. It also made us understand that a sensitization session was required for all the communities, to have more welcoming and friendly spaces for future events.