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Wikimédia France — Association pour le libre partage de la connaissance ("Wikimedia France - Association for the share of the free knowledge" in english) is a French non-profit association that brings together Wikimedia projects' users. The association was created the October 24th 2004 in Paris, and its principal mission is to support Wikimedia projects and their contributors. Beginning 2016, 360 members was part of the association.

Actions of the association

The association leads and supports many projects The association leads and supports many projects that bring content to Wikimedia projects, raising awareness among the various audiences to the contribution, etc.

Wikilettre – Agenda of actions – List of actions carried out

Get support from the association

Wikimedia France aims to provide support to contributors and contributors to Wikimedia projects (Wikipedia, Commons, etc.). This support is facilitated if you are a member of the association. But whether you are a member or not, the association can help you, for example, through micro-financing (a scholarship). Do not hesitate!

Volunteer support
Micro-funding − Equipment lending

How to participate in the actions? How to join?

Are you a member of the association and would like to know what actions you can take part in? Are you a non-member contributor or contributor but would like to join the actions of the members? You can consult the "Investing" page.


If you want to invest more, you can also join Wikimedia France.

Suggest an idea

You have an idea of action to be implemented in favor of Wikimedia projects? Or an idea to improve the internal functioning of the association? The idea box is for you.

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