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Dear Wikimania speakers,

Thank you all for taking part in the first Wikimania, and in helping to make it a success! We had 50 presentations in all, by people from 20 different countries. Some of you formed connections with people in attendance you hadn't imagined existed.

And many people who hadn't given much thought to wikis or Wikimedia in the context of their own hobbies or projects were amazed to see the breadth of topics covered. Interest in the presentations at Wikimania was high across Europe and all over the world. We had only a few dozen people listening to live streams during the event, and interest in full presentations and recordings has grown in the succeeding weeks.

We are producing a PDF version of the conference proceedings, a final compilation of the kind of information you can find on Wikibooks pages like this one:

To make this happen, we need final copies of the presentations you gave, or the papers you were planning on presenting (for the handful of you who were accepted but could not come, and would like your work to be included in the proceedings). Please visit your own page in the draft proceedings, and update the content there, including a link to the content you presented. If you have trouble with this, you can also mail us a complete file or link to that file. To find your page, see the proceedings index:   

If you cannot update your presentation for whatever reason, please let us know that also.


 <<Wikimania Programme Team>>