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This is a summary of the Wikimania:Programme committee meeting on 18 February, 2005.

The next meeting is 21:00 UTC Friday 25 February in #wikimania.

Relevant links: Meetings, Programme, Speakers, Call for papers, Programme meetings, Calendar.


  • Planing and party: Thursday night. Is it possible to get access to the rooms before Thursday evening?
  • Finish setting up: Friday morning
  • Official start: Friday, 2pm (possible non-formal talks/workshops) in the morning that don't require any set-up


  • We have one 300-person room, two medium-sized rooms, and at least one other room; there are 'other' rooms available for breakout sessions.
  • Need to set up a room-reservation list to indicate when each room is free.


  • There will be three unofficial tracks. These are for planning purposes only to avoid overlap of similar topics.
  • Technology, community, and projects


  • Currently no budget for inviting speakers (travel/accommodation)

Call for papers[edit]

  • Sj sent out an initial deadline-free CfP on Monday to the list of potential speakers.
  • is now operational on OTRS
  • Deadlines for paper abstracts is April 1, though this may be extended later


  • We are tentatively aiming at having 3-4 keynotes, 4-5 panels, 12-15 lectures, 10-15 other (brief presentations, workshops, group discussions. These will be divided into sessions of 1 to 1.5 hours (aiming for about 15 parallel sessions a day).
  • List of potential speakers to be drafted on a private wiki (Sj to set this up)
    • Translators will require full papers from speakers in advance


  • Keynotes are also meant to encompass the event as a whole
  • One hour including questions
  • Opening keynote by Jimmy that covers all three tracks
  • Nothing else will happen during a keynote (non-parallel)
  • Four keynotes in total
  • Two keynotes the first day, and then one each on Saturday and Sunday

Short talks[edit]

  • Time will be set aside for ad hoc talks


  • A panel invitation should go out to a cluster of people; as long as 3 or 4 people accept, we can run the panel.
  • We shouldn't aim for many more panels than we can have space for in case they all accept.
  • Panel proposals are needed earlier than the others
  • Ideas for panels are to be developed at Wikimania:Panels by next program meeting.
  • A panel will have four or five "experts" from similar but different areas.

Discussion panels[edit]

  • These will involve much shorter talks, with a long period for discussion and debate with the audience.
  • A moderator will give an introduction to the topic and the panelists (currently unclear on how long this should be)
  • Three members plus a moderator. Ten minutes discussion per panelist plus 45 minutes of discussions
  • We can ask some of the speakers to also go on panels

Workshops/ Tutorials[edit]

  • Workshops will generally be in smaller rooms
  • How to become a MediaWiki hacker
  • How to write good articles
  • How to take photographs that will be useful for the projects
  • How to edit and modify sound and video files


  • In a room or in a lobby depending on wall space available
  • A time will be set for people to answer questions about their poster
  • Is wall space enough? Will people want tables for stuff?

Thursday night party[edit]

  • To be arranged
  • Can this take place on site? In a pub? In the uni?
  • Is there a bar there?

Other events[edit]

  • Awards ceremony for the competitions.
  • Opening speech
  • Closing presentation + input from the audience

Catering and accommodation[edit]

  • Should breakfast be during the first talk?
  • We need to know how this is organised. How long each meal time needs to take. Whether it takes place in the same rooms as the sessions.
  • How much accommodation needs to be reserved for speakers?


  • Might be printed
  • Might be sold
  • Could include advertising
  • Will include basic information on speakers and schedule


  • We have official interpreter candidates for en->fr and en->de.
  • Equipment has not been arranged yet. This would cost around $5k
  • Paperwork could be made (at least) trilingual