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Wikimania 2008/Online team

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Preparation for Wikimania 2008. Please sign up below to volunteer to help with the online side of Wikimania 2008 such as IRC and stream (audio and video).

Name Mailing lists? Contact Comment
Mark Wikimania, Wikimania Plan newsmarkie at gmail.com
Historybuff Unknown
Foxkaworus Unknown
Greeves Yes Email, my talk page, or IRC. Though I may not be at Wikimania, I could help out monitoring IRC from home and updating the website.
Auroranorth I would like to be added sstudiously@gmail.com Very interesting!
Nathannoblet Unknown Can't be at WMania, but happy to help update the webpage!
E (enwiki, wm2008, wmteam) Wikimania-l, Wikimania-Planning-l and Wikimania-Program-l e dot wikipedia at gmail dot com or TheLetterE on irc.freenode.net I can't be at Wikimania this time, but will be on IRC and watching the streams. I can also help update the wiki as events unfold.
Cbrown1023 talk Contact I've been helping out for some time and the Alex. team already knows I'll be assisting on-wiki and with IRC-based items. :-)