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A National Day Parade of Singapore, with a simulation of Singapore's skyline.

City details

Location of Singapore
The Singapore River and the skyline of the financial district of Singapore.
  • Singapore is a city-state located in Southeast Asia, which is 137km north of the equator. Singapore is near the South China Sea and the Straits of Malacca, and Malaysia is directly to the north of the island. A population of four million live in the city state with the world's second highest population density. Singapore has the highest standard of living in Asia and its the 22nd wealthiest country in the world. Singapore is one of the four East Asian Tigers and is a world city in Southeast Asia with an economic hub for the region. It has a liberal economy, being the world's easiest place to start a business. Singapore is also an arts and cultural area with major festivals and shows held here. It is also one of the safest places in the world to live in with a low crime rate. The country has an efficient transportation system with a large number of Singaporeans using public transport everyday.

Singapore on Wikipedia

af:Singapoeram:ሲንጋፖርar:سنغافورةan:Singapurfrp:Singaporast:Singapuraz:Sinqapurzh-min-nan:Sin-ka-phomap-bms:Singapurabe:Сінгапурbs:Singapurbg:Сингапурca:Singapurceb:Singaporecs:Singapurcy:Singaporeda:Singaporede:Singapuret:Singapurel:Σιγκαπούρηen:Singaporees:Singapureo:Singapuroeu:Singapurfa:سنگاپورfr:Singapourfy:Singaporegd:Siongapòrgl:Singapur - 新加坡hak:Sîn-kâ-phôko:싱가포르hy:Սինգապուրhi:सिंगापुरhr:Singapurio:Singapurilo:Singaporeid:Singapurais:Singapúrit:Singaporehe:סינגפורpam:Singaporeka:სინგაპურიkk:Сингапурkw:Singapoursw:Singapuriht:Sengapou (peyi)ku:Singapûrla:Sabana Emporiumlv:Singapūralb:Singapurlt:Singapūraslij:Scingapôli:Singaporehu:Szingapúrmg:Singapourml:സിംഗപ്പൂര്‍mr:सिंगापूरms:Singapuranl:Singaporeja:シンガポールno:Singaporenn:Singaporenov:Singaporeoc:Singaporps:سينګاپورpms:Singapornds:Singapurpl:Singapurpt:Singapuraro:Singaporequ:Singapurru:Сингапурse:Singaporesm:Sigapoasq:Singaporiscn:Singapurasimple:Singaporesk:Singapur (štát)sl:Singapursr:Сингапурsh:Singaporefi:Singaporesv:Singaporetl:Singaporeta:சிங்கப்பூர்kab:Singapurth:ประเทศสิงคโปร์vi:Singaporetg:Сингапурtr:Singapurudm:Сингапур uk:Сінгапурvo:Singapuränzh-yue:新加坡bat-smg:Singapūrszh:新加坡

Conference venue

This section is to be filled in later. Possible venues include the NUS, SMU, NTU or Raffles City Convention Centre.


Green: Don't require a visa
Light Gray: Visa required from embassy or consulate
Dark Gray: Singapore

Travel visa

Citizens of most countries do not require a visa in Singapore of up to 30 days. This includes member states of the European Union, the United States and ASEAN countries (excluding Myanmar). This list may not be up to date. For the latest list, please visit ICA's website.

Visa Needed to enter Singapore Afghanistan, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, India, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzastan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, Myanmar, Pakistan, Palestine, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Yemen

Please note that the Hong Kong Document of Identity, Macau SAR Travel Permit, Refugee Travel Passport issued by the Middle Eastern countries, and Temporary Passport issued by the UAE, also require a visa prior to visiting Singapore.

Local transportation

Airport to conference venue
  • Distance from international airport(s): 20 km from downtown, well accessible by public transport (rapid transit, bus, taxi)
    • MRT: Details to be added later
    • Bus:
    • Taxi:

Airfare costs

Following prices are for single passenger (>=12 years of age) return trips on economy class.

From Costs (in US$)
North America
Icons-flag-us.png Chicago
Icons-flag-us.png Los Angeles
Icons-flag-mx.png Mexico City
Icons-flag-us.png New York
Icons-flag-us.png San Francisco
Icons-flag-ca.png Toronto
Icons-flag-ca.png Vancouver
Icons-flag-nl.png Amsterdam
Icons-flag-de.png Frankfurt
Icons-flag-uk.png London
Icons-flag-ru.png Moscow
Icons-flag-fr.png Paris
Icons-flag-it.png Rome
Icons-flag-at.png Vienna
Icons-flag-pl.png Warsaw
From Costs (in US$)
Icons-flag-th.png Bangkok
Icons-flag-cn.png Beijing
Icons-flag-ae.png Dubai
Icons-flag-in.png Delhi
Icons-flag-vn.png Ho Chi Minh City
Icons-flag-hk.png Hong Kong 565.83
Icons-flag-kr.png Seoul
Icons-flag-cn.png Shanghai
Icons-flag-tw.png Taipei
Icons-flag-il.png Tel Aviv
Icons-flag-jp.png Tokyo
Icons-flag-nz.png Auckland
Icons-flag-au.png Brisbane
Icons-flag-au.png Melbourne
Icons-flag-au.png Perth
Icons-flag-au.png Sydney
Icons-flag-dz.png Algiers
Icons-flag-eg.png Cairo
Icons-flag-za.png Johannesburg
South America
Icons-flag-ar.png Buenos Aires
Icons-flag-br.png Rio de Janeiro
Icons-flag-ve.png Maracaibo
IATA code Airline offical website
AC Air Canada
AF Air France
AI Air India
BA Britsh Airways
CI China Airlines
CX Cathay Pacific
EK Emirates
JL Japan Airlines
KE Korean Air
KL KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
IATA code Airline offical website
LH Lufthansa
MH Malaysia Airlines
NH All Nippon Airways
QF Qantas
SQ Singapore Airlines
TG Thai Airways International
UA United Airlines
VN Vietnam Airlines


Different types of accomodation are widely available, hostels, guesthouses and hotels of all classes are available. Deluxe hotels are near the venues, with a number of budget hotels nearby. Guesthouses and hostels tend to be located outside the city, but one can take the bus and MRT to town. Our city's public transport is fast and efficient, so time and efficiency is not a problem. For the last two choices, residence halls are available on site, and are located together with the universities in the western part of Singapore. Internet access is widely available at most places, with WiFi access and payable broadband for higher end hotels. Disabled access is available at most places.

In the city

Budget hotels

Budget hotels are a good option and are located in the city, though not very near the proposed venue. Some recommended budget hotels are listed below.

There are other hotels which are cheaper, but are located mainly in Geylang and Little India. There are a number of budget hotels in Chinatown, Balestier Road and Joo Chiat. These areas are located quite far away from the venue.

Deluxe hotels

Raffles Hotel, a luxurious 6 star hotel located at Beach Road.

For those who want a comfortable room and good facilities. A number of recommended hotels in the prime Orchard Road shopping belt and in the proposed venue's vicinity.





Information to be written once venue is confirmed.

Local sponsorship

Information to be written once sponsorship is available.

Local team

We have a group of more than 100 Singapore Wikipedians, either living in Singapore or Singaporeans overseas.


Singapore is a tiny island state bordering Malaysia and Indonesia, easily accessed from the neighbouring countries. Organizing Wikimania event in Singapore should attempt to bring together Malaysian and Indonesian representatives too.

Foreign exchange

Some pictures of Singapore


  1. Singapore's government has policies which many Wikimedians might consider offensive or draconian, such as: tight media controls, severe penalties for drug possession, homosexuality and capital punishment.
    The team is planning to include a panel discussion during the event about Singapore's policies, and how they present an alternative view about cultural diversity to some other countries. Also touch upon how an understanding of this can help make Wikimedia a truly global organisation. Most websites are not banned but pornography is absolutely banned here. Satellite dishes are banned in Singapore, but that is not really a problem as there is still cable television and free channels. Global news channels can be received such as BBC and CNN and local news channel CNA gives quite an extensive coverage of the world. There can be an explanation of Singapore's laws during the event.
  2. There is no Wikimedia local chapter in Singapore. Singaporean Wikimedians are quite a disjointed piece of community.
    There is enough time to build up the community and organise them. By getting the community organised in time (by 2008) should be fine. The community can be built together through collaboration and community cooperation. A larger number of active Singaporean users can be done by 2008.
  3. Singapore is the 17th most expensive city in the world and the Goods and Services Tax has been raised to 7%.
    Compared to other cities in the world,
  4. Weather
  5. The weather in Singapore is hot and humid with August being one of the hottest months of the year in the country between 28°C to 33°C during the day, although temperatures go down to 23°C at night.
  • Strengths of the proposed location
  1. English is one of Singapore's official languages, and is spoken by almost everyone: no need for most Wikimedians to learn new languages. Those who can speak Mandarin Chinese have an advantage as Mandarin is widely spoken in Singapore.
  2. Wifi is now widely available with the new free of charge Wireless@SG being implemented at many places islandwide. Some places do offer their own individual wireless networks, and are usually free.
  3. Good and relatively cheap as well as an efficient public transport system. Public transport network serves nearly the whole of Singapore, be it bus, Mass Rapid Transit or Light Rapid Transit. Taxis are plentiful in Singapore and flag down fares range from USD1.70 to USD1.85. Also, the Mass Rapid Transit system is one of the most used rapid transit systems in the world.
  4. There is good air, land and sea transportation links to Singapore. Singapore Changi Airport is one of the world's 30 busiest airports and has good air links with regional cities in Asia and Oceania as well as cities in the Americas, Europe and Africa. Singapore is accessible by land through two links with neighbouring Malaysia. The rail system is operated by the KTMB of Malaysia and it connects with the SRT at the Malaysia-Thailand border which goes on to Bangkok.
  5. Central, equatorial location provides opportunity for Southeeast Asian, Australasian and Oceanian Wikimedians to attend a Wikimania who have previously been prevented from attending due to distance and cost.
  6. Food is available in almost every corner of Singapore, number of places open 24 hours or till the wee hours. All types of cuisine are available from local hawker food to exquisite French cuisine.