Wikimania 2010 Stockholm/logs/04 September 2008

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Sep 04 19:59:18 <Bjelleklang>	everyone here?
Sep 04 20:01:27 <Sir48> no mentor :)
Sep 04 20:01:55 <moralist> I can be your mentor! :D
Sep 04 20:02:10 <Sir48> too moralist :)
Sep 04 20:02:16 <Bjelleklang> hehe
Sep 04 20:02:24 <Bjelleklang> mike and patricia wont be here today
Sep 04 20:02:48 <Bjelleklang> does anyone have anything to report, or anything they would like to discuss?
Sep 04 20:04:15 * Sir48 points to my e-mail with a suggestion for pre-wikimania meet-ups
Sep 04 20:04:52 <Bjelleklang> :)
Sep 04 20:06:59 <Bjelleklang> is there anyone who haven't recieved it?
Sep 04 20:07:32 <CarinaT> recieved what?
Sep 04 20:07:46 <Bjelleklang> the mail from Sir48 on the mailing list
Sep 04 20:08:04 <CarinaT> I haven't
Sep 04 20:08:30 <Bjelleklang> ok, the archive is located at
Sep 04 20:12:56 <CarinaT> Sir48: could you maybe mail it to me?
Sep 04 20:13:05 <Bjelleklang> basically, he is suggesting that we meet in stockholm
Sep 04 20:13:23 <Bjelleklang> but that everyone meet in their respective capitals for a day first, and then travel to stockholm
Sep 04 20:13:39 <Sir48> sure CarinaT - pm a email
Sep 04 20:14:28 <Bjelleklang> anyone else with anything on the agenda?
Sep 04 20:20:31 <Bjelleklang> nobody?
Sep 04 20:20:49 <Bjelleklang> ok, CarinaT, let us know when you have read the email :)
Sep 04 20:26:18 <Bjelleklang> what does people think about the suggestion?
Sep 04 20:26:19 <henrik> hey
Sep 04 20:28:11 <henrik> Hm.
Sep 04 20:28:19 <henrik> It would be a nice touch
Sep 04 20:29:05 <henrik> But one problem I can think of is that it would require a much larger organization - do we think we'll have the people for it?
Sep 04 20:29:37 <henrik> Perhaps it could be done informally?
Sep 04 20:31:57 <Sir48> the communities of Norway, Finland and Denmark should each prepare such a pre-day
Sep 04 20:32:10 <Sir48> and the transportation to Stockholm
Sep 04 20:32:52 <Sir48> but I imagine this to be optional - participants could of course go directly to Stockholm and wikimania
Sep 04 20:33:37 <henrik> yeah.
Sep 04 20:33:54 <moralist> hm, do you mean that this as just before wikimania?
Sep 04 20:34:00 <Sir48> as Mike pointed out: Other places could do the same
Sep 04 20:34:06 <Sir48> Gothenburg, for example
Sep 04 20:34:10 <Sir48> yes moralist
Sep 04 20:34:18 <moralist> okey
Sep 04 20:35:05 <Bjelleklang> I'm not sure if this is would need someone to host the meetup in the various cities, but at the moment I doubt that we would have the manpower
Sep 04 20:35:35 <Bjelleklang> although it would be a nice touch, especially for participants from non-nordic countries
Sep 04 20:36:27 <Sir48> put the question to the local communities whether they are prepared to take it on
Sep 04 20:37:20 <henrik> We (as the Stockholm committee) could suggest it to the local communities and see if they run with it.
Sep 04 20:37:24 <moralist> I think, as henrik, that it would be better to have some sort of informal pre-meeting in the cities for those that have time to come a couple of days earlier
Sep 04 20:37:57 <Sir48> oh, that's also my suggestion
Sep 04 20:37:59 <Bjelleklang> that would be better
Sep 04 20:38:10 <Sir48> it's not a formal wikimania-event
Sep 04 20:39:07 <Bjelleklang> the main problem as I see it, is that we lack the manpower to organize and host anything not located in Stockholm. I would imagine that WM:Norway and WM:Sweden would be quite busy in stockholm the day before
Sep 04 20:39:26 <Sir48> but I think, it could be part of the bid: Meet the Nordic folks before wikimania
Sep 04 20:39:31 <Bjelleklang> but it's an interesting proposal, but more details on the program would be good
Sep 04 20:39:47 <Sir48> ok bjelleklang - that's a valid concern, of course
Sep 04 20:40:37 <Sir48> how was people received in Alexandria: On the own until the event started?
Sep 04 20:40:40 <Bjelleklang> It would be a nice touch though...actually being able to show the participants a little from one of the nations hosting Wikimania with Sweden
Sep 04 20:40:47 <Sir48> on their own...
Sep 04 20:41:39 <Sir48> i suppose a lot of the participants will pass through Kastrup anyway
Sep 04 20:42:10 <Sir48> and I also think, that the ferry-ride from Helsinki would be attractive to others
Sep 04 20:42:12 <Bjelleklang> probably
Sep 04 20:42:30 <Bjelleklang> it's a nice idea, but it would need some more details on how it would be arranged
Sep 04 20:43:19 <Bjelleklang> there are those who simply doesn't have the time, but if you're traveling half-way across the globe, it would probably be nice to take one day to look around as well
Sep 04 20:46:23 <henrik> Actually, flying to Kastrup and then taking the train to Stockholm isn't a bad way to travel.
Sep 04 20:46:53 <henrik> depending a bit on how jetlagged you are :)
Sep 04 20:53:07 <Bjelleklang> Sir48: why don't you create a small proposal for it? doesn't have to be anything too specific and send out on the mailing list? it sounds interesting, and might be a nice touch if we can pull it off
Sep 04 20:55:06 <Bjelleklang> just create an outline; and a few proposals on what they would do while in copenhagen
Sep 04 20:56:39 <Bjelleklang> anyone else have any questions, or things they would like to discuss?
Sep 04 20:57:11 <Bjelleklang> if not, I suggest that everyone prepare a status on their assignments for the next meeting
Sep 04 20:59:03 <Sir48> Don't know if you saw my answer, Bjelleklang: I'll give it a try
Sep 04 20:59:09 <Bjelleklang> :)
Sep 04 21:00:51 <Bjelleklang> if nobody have anything else, i suggest we call it a night and end the meeting :)