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The koala wants you to come to Sydney in 2014!


tba 2010
Familiarisation trip to Sydney for Wikimedia Foundation executive (not yet confirmed) Postponed for now pending chapter approval
January 2010
Business Events Sydney meeting with the Wikimedia Foundation in San Francisco Postponed for now pending chapter approval
December 2009
Meeting with organiser of FOSS4G conference to discuss Lessons Learned
October 2009
Three venues visited; Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sydney Masonic Conference and Function Centre, University of Sydney
Potential venues listed
Contact with BESydney, a not-for-profit organization that helps organisations bid for and host events in Sydney.

Decisions to make[edit]

  • date (winter vs. summer)
  • venue (University of Sydney vs. Convention Centre)
  • whether to hire a PCO
  • whether to include pre-conference "professional day"

To do[edit]

  • Put together bid team
  • Find sponsors!
  • Put tentative booking down for venue and accommodation
  • Sell booth space
  • Create logo
  • Create the big page
  • ... lots more

Bid page info[edit]

About Sydney

... including climate, local laws, safety, security

About the venue


About the conference

... what to expect - how it will be the same and different to previous Wikimanias.

About the accommodation


About transport

... how to get here, how to get around. Flight costs

About other activities

... what else there is to do while you're in Australia

About the budget


Supporting the conference

Including sponsors but also local supporters. Media reports on the bid.

About the local team

... list people and roles

  • Project management
  • Community management and volunteer programme
  • Budget, legal and financials
  • Communications, promotion, research, event planning
  • Technology (networking, hosting, MediaWiki, DNS)
  • Security and emergencies
  • Foundation and VIP liaison

Info on previous Wikimedia events in Australia: GLAM, collaboration with museums, other chapter projects, meetups, Wiki Wednesdays, related events with speakers from Wikimedia, Jimmy Wales' trip to Australia, etc

Pros and Cons

Strengths and weaknesses


Harbour Bridge at sunset