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Wikimania 2014 candidate cities:

Arusha | Bukittinggi | Cape Town | London

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When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life;
for there is in London all that life can afford.
Samuel Johnson

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Press Engagement Strategy & Media Partners[edit]


Wikimedia UK is organising a press engagement day with Jimmy Wales on March 5th, to expose the british press to the variety of projects which are currently run by WMUK and its volunteers. At the event the Wikimania bid team will present the concept of Wikimania in London and will be on hand at an exhibition stand to engage with journalists from the tabloid, broadsheet and tech press.

Contacts & Relationships[edit]

Name Responsibility Status
TechCrunch Media Coverage Confirmed Confirmed
BBC Media Coverage Confirmed Confirmed
Bloomberg L.P. Media Coverage Confirmed Confirmed
Springboard Media Coverage Confirmed Confirmed
Financial Times Media Coverage Confirmed Confirmed
TechHub Assisting in securing speakers and PR. Confirmed Confirmed
The Next Web Media Partner Confirmed Confirmed
Reuters Media Coverage Symbol wait.svg Pending

Partners and Sponsors[edit]


Name Responsibility Status
London First Logistical, PR and Fundraising support Confirmed Confirmed
London & Partners Logistical, PR and Fundraising support Confirmed Confirmed
Mayor of London Various Commitments Confirmed Confirmed
TechCity PR and Fundraising support Confirmed Confirmed
Wikimedia UK Various Commitments Confirmed Confirmed


Name Responsibility Status

Service Partners[edit]

Name Responsibility Status
City of London Corporation Various Commitments Confirmed Confirmed
Bluecat Productions AV and conference programming support Confirmed Confirmed
FMCM PR and conference programming support Confirmed Confirmed
City University London Accommodation and volunteers Confirmed Confirmed
Cisco Wifi provision Symbol wait.svg Pending
British Telecom Wifi provision Symbol wait.svg Pending
Telefonica Wifi provision Symbol wait.svg Pending
Out There Media Mobile advertising Confirmed Confirmed Website Development Confirmed Confirmed
Google Various Commitments Confirmed Confirmed

Letters of Support[edit]

Support from the Mayor of London
Support from London and Partners.
Support from Tech City UK.
Stephen Fry Letter of Support

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