Wikimania 2016 bids/Esino Lario/Parking

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Parking need to be managed during the conference. There will be runners, vans, bus stops, busses and cars to park for visitors and attendees.

  • Runners and vans. Runners and vans will need parking specifically reserved for them.
  • Bus stops. Presumably we will have between 3 and 5 bus stops.
  • Private parking. In particular during the week-end visitors by car can increase (please refer to the hypothesis of number of participants). Some apartments we will use have private parking; parking is also available at Villa Rogo - Pime. There are some parking in the centre of Esino Lario but we will not encourage visitors to use them during the conference; we will rather ask permission to use the industrial area of Bigallo and streets managed by the city council; Cainallo and Ortanella can provide parking but transport inside Esino Lario needs to be managed (15 minutes van ride from and to). We didn't jet explored the possibility of parking cars on streets managed by the Province of Lecco.
  • Busses. If busses remain in Esino Lario they can be parked at night in the industrial area of Bigallo (we need to ask permission).

Please note that we have a partnership with the city council and we are in contact with the provincial administration. It is possible for Wikimania Esino Lario to close streets and squares to the traffic, and to discuss with the province about how to manage circulation on provincial streets during the event. Within Esino Lario streets are managed by the city council (i.e. via Montefiori, the street to Cainallo and Ortanella, the industrial area, and all the streets in the centre); the two streets coming from Varenna and Valsassina (and passing through Esino Lario) are provincial streets.