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Wikimania 2016 bids/Esino Lario/Theme

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Wikipedia as a driver for change is the theme of Wikimania Esino Lario. This theme taps on the specific characteristics of Wikimania Esino Lario, it relates to the classic thematic tracks which have already structured past Wikimanias, and it allows to slightly change the general perspective of the event and its sessions. We plan to involve the community in the discussions by using a call for proposal, asking people in which ways they think Wikipedia is a driver for change. Using Wikipedia as a reference in the title is not meant to reduce the importance of other Wikimedia projects, but to refer to Wikipedia as the initial project and as the current largest and most well-known one. We assume that some of Wikipedia features (open license, editable content, collaborative work, community, work in progress, neutral point of view, no distinctions between editors based on academic titles, be bold...) have been relevant for the establishment of other projects and we assume that by focusing on Wikipedia features we can also consider links with other initiatives, groups and approaches online and offline.

Rather than a topic, the general theme guides the way sessions are structured. We would like to ask presentations to include in their proposals and talks visions for the future, or observations related to what has changed from the past (positively and negatively).