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The main achievement of the event was the exchange of ideas and experiences of people who participate and are part of the Wikimedia ecosystem, from various roles such as editor/s, volunteer/s, journalists, teachers and members of the chapter staff. This meeting allowed us to recognize the potential and high projection of the Colombia chapter and its ability to relate with various sectors of society. Additionally, we met in person within the framework of Wikimania 2022 and the deployment of face-to-face activities around the world. The meeting was an opportunity to enhance Wikimedia projects, according to the needs of some communities that make up Colombia. In addition, to build and materialize ideas and dreams in projects that will be taken into account in the strategic planning of Wikimedia Colombia.


Goals Target Achievement Explication
Provide a space for strengthening the Wikimedia Colombia community through a face-to-face meeting. 55 53 The event was carried out according to the initial planning. The event was attended by 96% of the people invited to the event. Non-attendance was justified due to medical and personal issues.
have an exchange of knowledge and know-how among volunteers, Internet users and Wikipedians that make up the Wikimedia Colombia community. 1 1 Group work sessions are held, in which diversity in the composition of the groups is guaranteed to encourage dialogue based on different experiences and expectations.
Strengthen the bonds of trust and the sense of collaborative work in the Wikimedia Colombia community. 1 1 Through work dynamics and spaces for sharing, interaction among participants is generated.
Create proposals for strengthening the ecosystem of strategic actors of Wikimedia Colombia. 10 10 10 work proposals are created as a result of the group discussion sessions.
Generate a space for recreation and leisure among the Wikimedia Colombia community that favors the cohesion of the group. 1 1 The event took place in the Chicaque Natural Park Reserve (located in the savannah of Bogota), where people shared a guided walk, had spaces for dialogue and creation, and finally enjoyed a musical presentation with sounds from the Caribbean region of Colombia.


The people participating in the event expressed that:

  • "I learned about the projects and processes that lead to other places around knowledges, memory and knowledge construction. I was struck by the infinite possibility of creation that we have with Wiki tools and the powerful ideas that exist from the communities and their leaders, my idea now is to start linking these tools to the project I am in charge of to strengthen the principles of free and open knowledge." (Participant of WikiDíaCol2022)
  • "I met wonderful people who are connected to Wikimedia. I learned that there are enough of us to do great things but it is up to us to consolidate the team more and try to meet with some regularity." (Participant of WikiDayCol2022)
  • "I learned about the potential for collaborative and networked work that the Wiki ecosystem has in Colombia. The idea of working Wikidata and wikipedia as platforms for social appropriation of university knowledge." (Participant of WikiDíaCol2022)
  • "I learned to know the work of others, listen to their experiences and valuable contributions that opened a new look at how knowledge is built in the country. I was surprised to learn that Wikipedia did not have a good reputation in academia and that this is something they are trying to change. I also learned that there are different ways to contribute to Wiki and build in community." (Participant of WikiDíaCol2022)


Grant funds spent[edit]

Caption text
Description WMF Application Real WMCO Counterpart
Personal 2’000.000 4’989.200 2’989.200
Site Rental 2’000.000 5’877.500 3’877.500
Scholarships 12’000.000 9’880.445 0
Swag 2’900.000 8’743.626 5’843.626
Administration 0 2’029.796 2’029.796
Total 18’900.000 31’429.567 11’131.600

Remaining funds[edit]

  • We will not refund.

Anything else[edit]

The WikiDíaCol2022 took place on August 13, 2022 at the Chicaque National Park in the Bogotá area, from 8am to 5pm. This is the first face-to-face meeting that Wikimedia Colombia holds and where it gets the participation of people who have worked or have been developing initiatives with the chapter. In general, the objectives were achieved, we convened a space for meeting, building colmutaria and strengthening networks of work and support.

A wide call was made to volunteers, Internet users, Wikipedians and people interested in the Wikimedia Colombia community. In total, 134 people were invited through different channels such as wikipedia discussion walls (86 people) and direct invitation (49 people). The most used communication channels were phone calls, exchange of messages on platforms such as whatsapp and telegram, as well as emails with official information about the event. The following 53 people participated in the event:

  • 42 Guests
  • 11 Staff and support staff

Of which, 26 were men, 25 were women and 2 were non-binary identities. The people came from cities such as Bogotá, Cali, Ibagué, Medellín, Villavicencio, Riohacha, Bucaramanga.

People of different ages participated:

  • From 20 to 35 years old: 18 people.
  • From 36 to 45 years old: 22 people
  • From 46 to 60 years old: 8 people
  • Over 60 years old: 4 people

The participants belong to the following groups:

  • Libraries: 7%.
  • Collectives (environmental, ethnic and LGTBIQ+): 17%.
  • Media: 2%.
  • Board of Directors: 9%
  • Editor(s): 24
  • University: 9%
  • Interest in Wikimedia: 23%.

A satisfaction evaluation of the space was carried out and it was found that in general the event met the expectations and objectives set. In methodological terms it had a rating of 4.7/5.0. In logistical terms the score was 4.8/5.0.