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To allow the conference to grow more smoothly, it seems sensible to pool the years of knowledge that we have into a body that oversees the Wikimania process from beginning to end in its yearly cycle. A Wikimania steering committee has been established to oversee the bidding and selection process of host cities/teams and to provide continuity of experience and mentoring to each year's organizing team.


更多信息,请见 维基媒体国际会议委员会/章程.



  • 设定维基媒体国际会议政策
  • Soliciting and reviewing proposals to host
  • Conference oversight and review
  • 最佳實踐的開發


Current membership:

  1. Angie Cervellera
  2. Andrew Lih (core organizing team of Wikiconference North America, representing WM 2013)
  3. Butch Bustria (representing WM 2023)
  4. Eric Luth (representing WM 2019)
  5. Florence Devouard
  6. Gnangarra (representing WM 2021)
  7. Iolanda Pensa (代表WM 2016 主席
  8. Iván Martínez (代表WM 2015
  9. Lodewijk Gelauff
  10. Phoebe Ayers (WM 2006, representing WM 2017), 副主席
  11. Yamen Bousirh
  12. Current Wikimania representative: Maciej Nadzikiewicz (代表WM 2024)

Wikimedia Foundation supporting staff: Lisa McCabe, Giselle Bordoy

Thanks to all previous members of the Wikimania Committee: James Forrester, Carlos Barcenilla, Jeromy-Yu Chan (representing WM 2013), James Hare (representing WM 2012), Orsolya Virág Gyenes (representing WM 2010), Deror Avi (representing WM 2011), Edward Saperia (representing WM 2014), Manuel Schneider, Romaine, Muhammad Yahia.



The Wikimania Steering Committee meets in general every 3 weeks on Wednesdays
The Core Organizing Team (COT) for the current Wikimania generally meets weekly .


Check the committee updates from 2017 onwards in the extended content table.

Extended content


  • 2023年1月-3月
  • April 27, 2023 - Meeting with the New York City team
  • June 1, 2023 - Meeting with the East Africa team
  • June 22, 2023 - Wikimania 2025 discussions (options at hand, possible scenarios, and next steps); Wikimania 2024 (high level updates: venues, Core Organizing Team); Wikimania 2023 (updates and discussions: programming, scholarships, communication, travel).





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