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See also: Wikimania:Name/Vote (2005) and the old Wikimania:Name page, and a fragment

Thanks to domain and trademark difficulties, people are considering changing the name of the global Wikimedia conferences. "Wikimedia Conference" and "Wikimedia meetup" were early ideas last year, before "Wikimania" becaome a byword; if you have great name suggestions, please list them below (and comment on the ones listed).


A well-known name, with ~150k google hits. Used primarily to refer to Wikimania 2005. It has its difficulties: it is hard to get either the domain or the trademark. Some discussion may be appropriate here. (Note that variations on the domain name, such as Wikimania2006 or Wikimania-online, may be available)

  • --Sabine 07:06, 5 January 2006 (UTC) This is the name that makes the most sense since it is already known. Like I wrote on the discussion list: such an event should always have the same name - Wikimania 2005 was a success. Well: use Wikimania and make it unique using a subtitle or like proposed above "Wikimania 2006" etc. What is against using a subdomain?
  • --Mysekurity 05:38, 6 January 2006 (UTC). Seconded. What's wrong with using A little further elaboration would be greatly appreciated.
  • If anything, just make the official name "Wikimania present Wikimania 2006". However, I don't find Wikimania to be untrademarkable, but rather quite remarkable. -- user:zanimum

New suggestions[edit]

  • ManiaWiki
Not to be confused with the software platform.
  • The Conference Formerly Known as Wikimania
(which would require some kind of funky symbol as a logo)
  • Wikipalooza
Not Your Father's Wiki Conference
  • Wikinfinity
  • World Wide Wiki
  • Wikistock
ALREADY TAKEN, WIKISTOCK.COM - Stock and Finance information.
  • WikiInstitute
Connoting an extended multipurpose gathering...
  • WikiWeb
References as well to the World Wide Web as to a web of contacts you make (friends as well :) )
  • WikiWealth
References both to Wealth of information and Wealth of different Wiki's.


  • WikiExpo
  • Wiki Conference
  • Wiki Summit