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How to Establish a Long-time Education Program Course without Dependence on a Specific Person through Student Teamwork

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Workshops, Meetups and Education Programs (E.P.) are usual ways to spared Wikimedia movement within universities. In this presentation we are going to focus on Education Programs. The question is how many E.P. courses started by independent Wikimedia ambassadors and keep continuing for several semesters or years? How long does an E.P. continue after its organizer retired or terminated her/his cooperation? How can we improve a short-lived E.P. course which is dependent on its founder to stay permanent and stable without dependence on a specific person? These have been big challenges that our community encountered. In other words, stability is one of our biggest challenges.

In this presentation, based on our experiences, we are going to show how the division of tasks of an E.P. among students lead to create a kind of distributing dignity system and increase their sense of responsibility towards the E.P. Therefore, the E.P can be continued from one generation to another without any dependence on its founder. Thus, through training of leaders and ambassadors among students themselves, the E.P. can stabilize and survive for long time.

How does your proposal add knowledge to the international community in Wikimedia and education?
  1. It will provide the knowledge of leadership get from over 3 years of experience. It will let audience know how they can decentralize Education Program courses through student teamwork and make their active community bigger.
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Community leaders, Education Program Leaders.

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