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WikiClubs: from creation to success

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Lilit Tarkhanyan (Wikimedia Armenia), user:Lilit (WM AM)
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Wikimedia Armenia

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teachers, school and university students
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20 min + 10 min q&a
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Goris Wikiclub members at Aksel Bakunts House Museum

Wikiclubs develop and enrich Wikimedia projects, which in its turn impacts on the education of the participants. Wikimedia Armenia is the first organization that have created and introduced the concept of WikiClubs to the wiki world in 2014. In 2015 during Wikimania in Mexico City the WikiClubs project was recognized as the coolest Wikimedia project.

Wikimedia Armenia is successfully running WikiClubs in different regions of Armenia. WikiClub is a place where students gather together to learn something new, share their knowledge through Wikimedia platforms, make new friends and just have a nice time around motivated and interesting people.

Each WikiClub has its own coordinator who works closely with students conducting workshops and organizing different events to make the wikiclub daily life interesting and useful. WikiClubs have positive impact on the students. A number of students and teachers have stated that after attending WikiClubs the students have improved their knowledge of Armenian, Russian and English languages, translation skills, communication skills, as well as typing and other computer skills.

My presentation is based on the experience of running 16 WikiClubs. The audience will learn the creation process of the clubs, how to coordinate them, what events help to increase their visibility to involve more clubbers, what works and not works in coordinating the clubs, how to work with school students in different wikimedia projects to produce quality content, etc.

How does your proposal add knowledge to the international community in Wikimedia and education?
  1. Having rich experience of running 16 WikiClubs I will share our organization's experience with the international community.
Who is the intended ideal audience for the topic?
  1. organizations/chapters that want to establish WikiClubs
  2. teachers
  3. students
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projector, laptop

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