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General Information[edit]

Field Information
Name of your group Igbo Wikimedians User Group
Time and date of the event 6:00PM (GMT:+1) 28th and 29th November,2020
Who attended?


28th November, 2020

  • Ceslause Ogbonnaya
  • Uzoma Ozurumba
  • Merhdad
  • Euphemia Uwandu
  • Obiageli Ezeilo
  • Kayode Yussuf
  • Adaora Obuezie
  • Chigozie Anakor
  • Ngozi Osuchukwu
  • Onyinye Onuoha
  • Benedict Udeh
  • Chinaza Ikechukwu
  • Tochi Precious
  • Wilson Oluoha

29th November, 2020

  • Ceslause Ogbonnaya
  • Uzoma Ozurumba
  • Euphemia Uwandu
  • Obiageli Ezeilo
  • Kayode Yussuf
  • Chigozie Anakor
  • Ngozi Osuchukwu
  • Chinaza Ikechukwu
  • Wilson Oluoha
  • Okoro Chimere Ezumah
  • Chinwe Anunobi
  • Tochukwu Emokam
  • Precious Precious
Who facilitated? Uzoma
Who moderated? Ptinphusmia
Who took notes? Ceslause


Q1. Which recommendations will respond to your community’s needs?[edit]

Choose Your Top Priorities Why is it prioritized?
1. Invest in skills and leadership development Skills and leadership development was generally accepted to be a priority—participants related to this recommendation in two aspects:

In terms of skills as a contributor to the various Wikimedia project, This affects the general efficiency of the user group, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, there is need to invest in mentorship to improve editing skills and other skills needed to contribute effectively.

Secondly, empowering volunteers who want to take up responsibilities in the User Group with the appropriate skills needed

2.Increase the sustainability of our movement It was a unanimous agreement that there is a need to increase the sustainability of our movement by investing in the needs of volunteers. There are needs for onboarding programme for new users/volunteers, to adequately train them, as most trainings are done only when there is a project, which is not enough. Financial resources were also discussed, things like data subscription, to support contributors who edit regularly.
3.Improve user experience The user interface was discussed and found to be somehow boring and not engaging enough. Also, all new users express difficulty navigating the editing platforms, sandbox and other interfaces of Wikimedia projects. Issues were still raised about the unfriendly nature of the translation interface to mobile phone users, as not everyone in our community owns a computer. So it’s believed there is still room for improvement, and working on the translation interface should be a top priority

Q2.From the recommendations, which specific actions and changes would you want prioritized in 2021?[edit]

Choose Your Top Priorities Why is it prioritized?
1. we are interested in

(33) Skills development infrastructure”.

Put systems in place to train dedicated volunteers in the required skills needed to function in the User Group based on our needs as a User Group. Also, coaching and mentoring new members is very important to equip them before they get involved in executing projects.
2. (1) Support Volunteers Knowing that our community is operating on minimal resources is a threat to the sustainability of our movement. There is needs to support volunteers and the User group in financial resources; help us in fundraising, connect us with partners we can collaborate with on projects to make impacts, as well as increase funding for our community towards sustainability of our movement and UG.
3. (11) Newcomer resources

4. (9b) Community engagement for UX

5. (9a) Platform UX methodology

We recommend a much more mobile-friendly user interface to enable everyone to participate in contributing to free knowledge. Averagely, most users in our community can only boast of a mobile phone, which they should be sufficient to contribute as long as the interface is friendly and easy to navigate. We can explore making the above request through the Wishlist as highlighted by is Mehrdad. The Wishlist can also be expanded further to accommodate the engagement of more communities’ wish.

Q3. What human capacity and / or financial resources do you need to work on implementation?[edit]

  • Staffing and Organisational capacity (this can also be in Regional or thematic hubs or capacity) that will provide support and services.
  • Financial resources: To design or create initiatives that will solve our problems, e.g. data issues and devices that will aid contribution and increase readership
  • Good partners to collaborate,
  • More dedicated volunteers/High volunteer retention

Q4. Which initiatives do you think should be the top focus for global coordination?[edit]

Think global, movement-wide changes needed.

Improve User Experience[edit]
  • 9a. Platform UX Methodology
  • 9b. Community engagement for UX
  • 9c. Adaptable UX for various device
Ensure Equity in Decision-making[edit]

25. Regional and Thematic hubs

Coordinate across stakeholders[edit]

29. Better communication and collaboration capacities.

Ensure equity in decision making[edit]
  • 24. Global council
  • 25. Regional and thematic hub
Coordinate across stakeholders[edit]

29. Better communication and collaboration capacities