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Winter WikiCamp group photo, 2018

WikiCamps are educational camps, the main goal of which is the education of participants through Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and other Wikimedia projects. During Wikicamps participants contribute and enrich one or more of Wikimedia projects with the help of more experienced Wikimedians. WikiCampers improve their editing, writing, speaking, translation, communication, cultural and computer skills. Along with editing, campers also visit cultural heritage sights, play intellectual and sports games, sing, dance etc. WikiCamps balance contribution, education and fun.

Wikimedia Armenia, has a huge experience in organizing WikiCamps and will take the responsibility to organize an International WikiCamp in the summer of 2019 for the wikipedians of 18-35 ages in order to share its own experience in organizing Wikicamps with other affiliates. During 2018 CEE meeting in Capetown this event was discussed and most of affiliates have agreed to its implementation.

Wikimedia Armenia will apply for event Grant to cover Wikicamp's local expenses, which equals to 10,000 USD (temporary restriction).

Chapters that would like to send participants to the International Wikicamp in Armenia and agree to cover travel costs to Armenia for their participants should add affiliates and sign the below mentioning the chapter name. Please note that Wikimedia Armenia will cover participants accommodation and program expenses during the camp. In addition, user groups and individuals, which don't have budget for travel expenses, can apply for rapid grant, so please sign and join us.

Please copy the example below for signing.

Chapter name[edit]

  • Chapter's representatives signiture