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100000th article in Armenian Wikipedia[edit]


On 2nd December Armenian Wikipedia reached 100,000 articles and is now in the second group of languages.[1] The list also includes such languages as Bulgarian, the Czech language, Danish, Romanian, Portuguese, Ukrainian and Serbian. The languages in this category have "100,000 +" articles concerning the corresponding country, its culture, history etc. The jubilee article was "Karabakh woman", an article which tells about a statue in Yerevan. The articles was written by 23artashes editor.

Armenian-Estonian wiki cooperation[edit]

Flag of Armenia.svg

Armenian-Estonian wiki cooperation began on 1st December-31st December. During the project Armenian wiki editors were supposed to create articles in Armenian Wikipedia about Estonia, its history, culture, geography, etc and the Estonian wiki editors - articles about Armenia in Estonian Wikipedia.

The goal of the Armenian wiki editors was to write as more articles about Estonia as possible, to enrich and improve already existing ones, thus enriching Armenian Wikipedia with articles concerning Estonia. All in all 30 editors took part in the project - 17 from Armenia and 13 from Estonia. 422 articles were created and improved in Armenian wikipedia about Estonia and 106 articles in Estonian Wikipedia about Armenia.

Flag of Estonia.svg

According to the agreement between Wikimedia Armenia and Wikimedia Estonia after the project completion the most active wiki editors from Armenia and Estonia will travel to the country about which they have been writing. From Armenian editors Voskanyan was chosen to go to Estonia (138 articles, first place) but as she refused the editor who was in the second place with 131 articles - Gardmanahay will travel to Estonia on October. From Estonia Andreas Luure was chosen who had written 19 articles.

Wikipedia Education Program[edit]

AYB high school[edit]

At AYB high school

Wikipedia Education Program in AYB high school started on 17th October. The students were encouraged to write their first articles based on the Armenian Encyclopedia. To help create enthusiasm, the students were divided into three teams. The teams that created the largest number of articles with high quality won a prize. The jury was composed of experienced editors from Armenian Wikipedia.

During the first completion, 14 students participated. Within a month, they created 218 articles. The results were satisfactory and the students were enthusiastic. On 9th of December Wikimedia Armenia volunteers awarded the most active high school editors with certificates and wiki T-shirts.

Physmath high school[edit]

At Physmath high school

Wikipedia Education Program in Physmath high school started on 20th December. The students were to write their first articles again based on the Armenian Encyclopedia. The students were divided into two teams. The teams that created the largest number of articles with high quality would win a prize. The jury was composed of experienced editors from Armenian Wikipedia.

Workshop trainers - Lilit Tarkhanyan, Susanna Mkrtchyan, Dato Abuladze

Mkhitar Sebastatsi EduComplex[edit]

On 12th December Wikimedia volunteers conducted a workshop for lyceum students. They learned wiki editing tools, got acquainted with Wikipedia and its other sister projects. The goal of the wikimedians was to include the lyceum students in the Wikipedia Education Program leaded by Wikimedia Armenia.

Workshop trainers - Lilit Tarkhanyan, Dato Abuladze

Other workshops[edit]

Workshop with Psychologists, banner

On 16th December Wikimedia Armenia volunteers organized a workshop in Yerevan State University for the students of Psychology Faculty. The goal of the workshop was to create and enrich Armenian Wikipedia articles on psychology to be available in Armenian language.[2]

Workshop trainers - Susanna Mkrtchyan, Mher Bekaryan On 22th December Wikimedia volunteers visited Anania Shirakatsi Lyceum where the students and teachers were tought how to edit wikipedia. During this cooperation it is expected that the lyceum staff will create and improve Wikipedia articles.

Workshop trainers - Susanna Mkrtchyan, Mher Bekaryan

Translators' corner[edit]

Translators corner.svg

Another educational program that grabbed the attention of the youth is the "Translators’ Corner" project. The program identifies existing articles that need improvement, and provides links to well written articles on the same topic but in other languages. Students sign up to edit the articles by updating them with translations from the identified sources. 12 students actively participated in the program, improving 132 articles and adding 520 kilobytes of information.

Digitization of SAE[edit]

Digitization of SAE, which started in July 2013, was still in process. During December digitization the volumes 9 and 10 were completed.