Wikimedia Armenia/Reports/2014/Financial

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(January 1 - December 31)
Wikimedia Armenia
Annual Financial
WMF Annual Grant (first installment) 30,143.40 USD
WMF Wikicamp Grant 30,501.32 USD
Other incomes 949.48 USD
Total income 61,594.2 USD
Wiki camp
Transportation 2,688 USD
Buses for the excursions 2,304 USD
Accommodation and food 21,571.2 USD
T-shirts 1,536 USD
Wikipens 97.2 USD
Wiki mugs, wiki pens 453.6 USD
General prize 1,101.6 USD
Stationery package 259.2 USD
Operator salary 720 USD
Administrative expenses 720 USD
Wiki loves science
Buses to/from Tsakhkadzor 210.08 USD
Food and accommodation 1,172.27 USD
Buses to/from Aghveran 205.88 USD
Banner for WLS 16.81 USD
Badge cards for WLS 11.34 USD
Wiki t-shirts 201.68 USD
Support and increase active Wikiclubs
Sweets, disposable tableware for

Saturday meetups and workshops

262.61 USD
Wikipedia Day
Food and cakes for celebrating Wikipedia Day 420.17 USD
Taxis to AYB school 21.01 USD
Education programs
Welcome to Wikipedia brochure 428.57 USD
Banner for Wikicamp 14.71 USD
Badges for Wikicamp 40.75 USD
Wiki t-shirts 336.13 USD
Winter Wikicamp 2015
Buses to/from Agheveran 462.18 USD
Food and accommodation 4,254.20 USD
International projects
Collaboration with Estonia
Accommodation and food for the Estonian guest 344.54 USD
Two way travel ticket for Armenian

winner to Estonia (travel insurance included)

517.71 USD
Wikimania 2014
Two way travel ticket for Armenian

2 participants to London (travel insurance included)

1,201.26 USD
Accommodation and food for

Armenian participants in London

1,449.58 USD
WMCEE 2014
Two way travel ticket for 2 Armenian

participants to Kiev (travel insurance included)

602.94 USD
Accommodation and food for

Armenian participants in Kiev

737.39 USD
General WM AM office management
Monthly internet costs 210.08 USD
Wikicamp Fall Weekend
Transportation to/from Tsakhkadzor 210.08 USD
Total 44,782.8 USD