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Wikimedia Armenia/Reports/2016-01

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Wikipedia 15


Each year, the Armenian wiki-community celebrates Wikipedia day. This year, on January 15, 2016, the Armenian wiki-community gathered together to celebrate the Wikipedia day at the Wikimedia Armenia office. About 70 people joined the event among which were editors, Wikipedia Education program students, WM AM different program participants, etc. During the event, the Wiki Loves Monuments winners, and the participants who uploaded the most photos were awarded. On that day Wikimedia Armenia announced the results of the Armenian-Georgian collaboration month and winners. The event was a great opportunity for editors to meet each other, discuss different themes and just have a great time together.

See the Wikipedia 15 celebration video here.
See the media links concerning Wikipedia 15 here.




  • 61 participants (Winter WikiCamp)
  • 1,013 articles created on hywiki from proposed 1,200.
  • 2,372 entries created on hywiktionary from proposed 800.
  • 120 Armenian words pronunciations uploaded to Wikimedia Commons from proposed 50.
  • 6,088,673 bytes added to wiki projects from proposed 3,000,000.
  • From 61 campers in Winter WikiCamp:
    • 33 survived on Wikipedia
    • 2 survived on Wikisource
    • 6 survived on Wiktionary
    • 23 survived on Wikidata

(5 edits, as for 1 August, 30 rolling days)


Summer WIkiCamp (II) Group photo, 2016

A number of activities were performed before, during and after the camps. This year some organizational points of the camps undergone transformations based on the learnings of the previous year. The organization team was divided into 5 groups: Financial team, Wiki team, Camp coordinator and team leaders group, Western Armenian and Georgian Wikipedia team and Technical team.

At first, the appointments with the rest house and the transportation company were done, online applications, parents agreement for the campers were reviewed and updated, the camp page was created on Armenian Wikipedia, after which the announcement to register for the camp was made. Meanwhile, the design of the printed materials was done (banners, hoodies (for winter camp) and t-shirts (for summer camps), stickers, name tags, badges, certificates, etc) were prepared, the team leaders and camp coordinator were chosen. When the registration was over, WM AM chose the participants based on their online and offline wiki activities. A meeting day was announced for those parents who might have questions to discuss with the organizers before allowing their children attend the camp. The organization team together with the camp coordinator discussed the workshop hours, the excursions route, which non wiki activities will be included in the camp schedule (intellectual and sport games, dance and sing hours, presentations and discussions on different topics, etc). The experienced campers were also invited to take part in this online and offline discussion, to express their ideas as they play main role in the organization of non wiki activities/competitions. The organization team also contacted one of the active editors of Georgian Wikipedia, a teacher to choose up to 4 active students editing Georgian Wikipedia to attend the WikiCamp.

The wiki team was formed of experienced editors of Armenian Wikipedia (teachers from Wikiseminar, Wiki loves Science participants, WikiClubs coordinators and WM AM other volunteers). Some members of the team worked on the lists of the articles and entries to be created in Armenian Wikipedia and Wiktionary as well as the list of the words the pronunciations of which were to be recorded and uploaded to the Wikimedia Commons and used in Wiktionary. The themes of the articles were chosen based on the survey results of the previous camps. The Wiki team also asked to WM AM digitization team to scan and OCR a free licensed book to be proofread during the camp. The division of the participants into groups were done, the schedule was finalized and the team leaders contacted the participants to inform the details of the camps and to answer the arisen questions and concerns. During the camps the participants edited Armenian Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikisource and Wikimedia Commons. During workshops the participants were divided into 3 (summer camps) or 4 groups (winter camps) - experienced editors, newbies, Western Armenian editors, Georgian participants who edited Georgian Wikipedia. At the end of each day the wiki team was reviewing the written articles, giving points to the participants and choosing the best editors, team and articles written during the day. The results of the previous day were announced next morning.

Diving class at Summer WikiCamp 2016 (I)

During the camp, presentations were also prepared for the campers on different themes, like environmental science, health promotion, etc. One of the professional divers of the ArmDiving NGO tought basic rules of diving in one of the summer camps. A professional national singer was also invited who volunteered to teach national songs to the campers during the weekends of all camps. The camp also hosted Aram Pakhchanyan (head of Ayb school, vice president of ABBYY) as an honorary guest who gave a talk on "Volunteering" as well as was one of the jury members of the debate between the campers on the same topic.

This year we managed to record a great number of word pronunciations (≈3000) during the summmer camps thanks to the Pronuncify tool. Asaf Bartov introduced the tool to some organizers of WikiCamp during Wikimedia Conference Berlin 2016.

After the camp WM AM staff remained in contact with the newbies assisting them to continue editing wikiprojects (for Western Armenian camp in Lebanon please see "Western Armenian project" section).