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GLAM meeting in Armenia[edit]

On May 10-11 GLAM forum was held in Wikimedia Armenia office in Yerevan. The forum was aimed at getting GLAM institutions acquainted with Wiki platforms, tools, as well as sharing experiences with Yerevan GLAMs on successful implementation of international GLAM projects. Wikidata specialists and people who had successfully implemented GLAM projects in different countries and representatives from over 10 Yerevan GLAMs participated in the forum. Speakers from different Wikimedia organizations, such as Australia (Liam Wyatt), Belgium (Sandra Fauconnier), France (Benoît Prieur), Germany (Gereon Kalkuhl), Spain (Jesus Tramullas), Poland (Marta Moraczewska), Russia (Dmitrii Rozhkov), UK (Andy Mabbett) and Ukraine (Olha Nesterenko) presented their experience on successful collaboration with GLAM institutions.

Importance and openness of GLAM institutions for sharing the knowledge were discussed. Issues concerning OTRS and copyright were also discussed and explained to representatives of GLAM institutions. Editors from Armenia shared their previous GLAM experience and spoke about cooperation with GLAM institutions in Armenia. Participants got acquainted with Wikidata and its editing tools which will help them edit and improve content about Yerevan in the framework of Wiki Loves Yerevan project in different Wiki projects, including Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia. Speakers also referred to the use of Open Street Map and Wikidata, as well as to the mapping of monuments in Yerevan city center.

Within the frameworks of the forum, a small expo was organized at Wikimedia Armenia office. The aim of the expo was to give GLAMs an opportunity to present their institutions through published materials, arts and crafts, presentations, etc. GLAMs found the expo very exciting, because it gave a opportunity to show their heritage to foreign experts and discuss the ways each of them can share their info on wiki platforms. An open space discussion summed up the event, where each of the participants could address their questions and have deeper discussion with GLAM experts. On May 12 representatives of different Wikimedia organizations visited local museums and got acquainted with Armenian cultural heritage and the museum artifacts and continued discussion on cooperation.

Using the opportunity of Wikidata gurus being in Yerevan, Wikimedia Armenia organized an evening workshop for its experienced editors aimed at sharing the most recent information with them and provide necessary tools for wiki editing.

As a result of the collaboration within the project, the materials provided by GLAM institutions will be available on Wikimedia platforms in several languages, thus increasing the public interest towards those institutions and making information about Yerevan accessible for all. Both museum staff and Wikemedia volunteers have started editing and creating articles on Yerevan based on the information provided by museums. GLAM forum helped to raise tremendous interest toward "Wiki Loves Yerevan" project which will be ongoing throughout the year.

More photos in Wikimedia Commons.

Wikimedia Armenia birthday[edit]

On May 13, 2018, the event celebrating Wikimedia Armenia 5 years anniversary in the dissemination of open knowledge and education took place at the office of Wikimedia Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia. In all aspects, it was an acclaimed and very successful event that brought together Wikimedia Armenia community and staff members, volunteers, and partners.

Wikimedia Armenia has been around for 5 years. It was established as an open and accountable organization in 2013, focusing on development of open culture in Armenia, dissemination of free and accessible knowledge, and education through Wikimedia projects.

The Birthday event was attended by approximately 50 guests from, NGOs, community members from Armenia, friends and supporters of Wikimedia Armenia. We were also delighted by the presence of GLAM Forum Yerevan participants from different Wikimedia communities from all around the world.

Before the main celebration event an edit-a-thon was organized dedicated to “I create a vital article” campaign. The editors gave their special presents in a form of a vital article - completing translations of 3 vital articles.

The anniversary ceremony started later in the evening with the reflection of 5 years of Wikimedia Armenia work. The main activities and programs were illustrated by a presentation of important results and key achievements for the period of 2013 to 2018.

The celebration provided an excellent opportunity to stress the crucial and positive role played by Wikimedia Armenia partners for dialogue and collaboration on the initiatives of Wikimedia Armenia, impacting on the outreach and implementation of Wikimedia Armenia’s programs on the community and state level. It also allowed Wikimedia Armenia to showcase the importance of the community, their central role in the improvement of the Wikimedia projects in Armenia and outside, and in the effective involvement of local Wikimedia initiatives.

To briefly overview what has been achieved in the last five years we also invited community members to express and tell their stories on how they had been involved in Wikimedia Armenia, their excitement about the Wikimedia Movement. They have told their personal stories how wiki editing brought new ideas to life, such us creating an initiative of Yerevanian stores, running a wikiclub or establishment of a cooperation between Wikimedia Armenia and Wikimedia Norge aimed at presenting the huge photo collection by Bodil Katharine Biørn.

In her speech to conclude the ceremony, Susanna Mkrtchyan, the Chair of Board of Wikimedia Armenia, welcomed the guests and gave recognition to the commitment and active involvement of the community members in the Wikimedia Armenia activities, saying that the volunteers had been, and would always be, fundamental in achieving results on the way of our vision of having knowledge available for everyone.

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Workshop at the Faculty of International Relations of YSU[edit]

On May 16, 2016 Wikimedia Armenia representatives - Armen Mirzoyan and Irina Safaryan organized a seminar-discussion with the Master students of Regional Politics of the Faculty of International Relations of YSU. The main topic of the seminar discussion was the usage of Wikipedia as a source for research. The students were curious how neutrality works, how conflicts are solved on Wikipedia and how Wikipedia tries to provide a neutral point of view. Another discussion was held around the way Wikipedia and the community from conflicting parties present and discuss the military conflicts on Wikipedia. Wikimedia Armenia representatives explained to students the benefits Wikipedia can provide in personal research.

A preliminary agreement was reached to collaborate with the Student Scientific Society and professors of the faculty.

Meeting at the Institute of Economics of Armenian National Academy of Sciences[edit]

On May 19, 2018, Armen Mirzoyan, Wikimedia Armenia staff member had a meeting at the Institute of Economics after M. Kotanyan of National Academy of Sciences of RA with the master students. Nana Manukyan, a professor of this institute give assessments to her students to edit articles on economy on Wikipedia. Armen Mirzoyan introduced the basics of editing on Wikipedia and answered to question about the Wikimedia vision and movement. The students were also interested in the projects of Wikimedia Armenia. Nana Manukyan, as well as other professors are very motivated for the possibility to further use Wikipedia as a platform for assessments.

As a result professor Manukyan has assigned 16 articles to her students. The students will complete the editing of the articles by the end of June.

Armenian opera and ballet posters[edit]

In 2018 Mher Bekaryan started a collaboration with Yeghishe Charents Literature and Art Museum. As a result of this collaboration, the museum provided nearly 40 opera posters to be uploaded to the Wikimedia Commons under free license. The posters provide essential information about 20th century Armenian opera representatives which are used in Wikidata and Wikipedia articles.

WikiClubs statistics[edit]

Community population (1) Active users (2) Active users index (3) New users New users index (4) Female/male ratio Bytes NET sum (5) Bytes index (6)
Arevatsag WikiClub 821 19 2.314% 0 0.000% 56/47 270018 14211.5
Gyumri WikiClub* 121976 4 0.003% 0 0.000% 17/16 107323 26830.8
Ddmashen WikiClub 2806 22 0.784% 1 0.036% 34/25 588482 26749.2
Lernapat WikiClub 1661 33 1.987% 1 0.060% 118/114 2935793 88963.4
Mrgavan WikiClub 1606 8 0.498% 0 0.000% 30/23 187171 23396.4
Stepanakert WikiClub* 55309 11 0.020% 6 0.011% 131/49 96855 8805.0
Vanashen WikiClub 2364 9 0.381% 0 0.000% 151/55 232600 25844.4
Togh WikiClub 700 28 4.000% 3 0.429% 42/27 157174 5613.4
Karvachar WikiClub 500 24 4.800% 0 0.000% 42/29 437354 18223.1
Yeghvard WikiGroup 11900 2 0.017% 0 0.000% 18/3 196378 98189.0
NET sum 187743 160 0.085% 11 0.006% 5209148 32557.2
General statistics of the Education program (7) 194 6263274
How many % of the Education program participants are comprised from Wikiclubbers 82.47% 83.17%

1 - Permanent population according to the population census (RA - 2011, NKR -2015)։
2 - Users who has done 1 edit during the month.
3 - Active users/population ratio expressed in %.
4 - New users/population ratio expressed in %.
5 - NET sum bytes added in Wikipedia, Wiktionary and Wikisource.
6 - NET sum bytes/active users ratio.
7 - Includes also Education program other users.
* - WikiClub established in a city.

Saturday workshops[edit]

Wikimedia Armenia aimed at the improvement of Armenian Wikipedia quality continued to encourage the editors to improve articles of different fields in each Saturday workshop organized in WMAM office. For this purpose WMAM has provided sources based on which the editors have improved 16 articles. Those articles were about Nakhichevan residencies, decorative plants and Yerevan. One of the Saturdays (May 12) was devoted to "I create a vital article" project in the frames of which WMAM organized an edit-a-thon. For more details see Wikimedia Armenia birthday section.

Saturday workshops
May 5 (plants) May 12 (edit-a-thon) May 19 (Nakhichevan) May 26 (plants)
participants 8 13 11 11
improved articles 6 3 4 3
created articles 0 0 2 0
edits 6 - 7 14
bytes (net sum) 17106 - 79744 6747

This month in numbers[edit]

0 6697 2164 129 16

articles recorded for
the Spoken Wikipedia

pages digitized for the Digitization

words pronounced for
the Wiktionary

vital articles improved for
the I create a vital article

new editors involved
in all projects