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Wikimedia Australia/Activities/Wikimedia Editors Clubs

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"Wikimedia Editors Clubs": school and university-based Wikimedian groups. Similar to LUGs?

We provide

  • Advice on how to start one
  • Suggestions for how to run them, activities
  • Instructions for affiliating with WMAU. (should be v simple and light-weight requirements)
  • Affiliated clubs are able to
    • Get some funding for events
    • Put a page on officialwiki, could also give them their own webspace if they really wanted (? probably not necessary)
    • ?use the Wikimedia/Wikipedia name/logo (need to sort out our own agreement with WMF regarding this, first)


> This is a brilliant idea, even more so because I separately thought of
> in another post to this list just an hour ago!
> University students are a group that are pour hours into Wikipedia and
> other projects, both in reading, creating and maintaining.  There are
> also many existing clubs which we could work with.  e.g. the
> photography club at UoM would likely be interested in working closely
> with Wikimedia Commons, and also to provide good quality photos for
> Wikipedia articles about Melbourne and Australian flora and fauna.


The purpose of an Editors Club is to

  • Encourage Wikimedia editors to hold events that promote sharing knowledge, learning from one another and positively contributing to the Wikimedia projects.
  • Increase public awareness of the Wikimedia projects, their purpose and methods of operation
  • Provide Wikimedia editors with a method of association that is simple and easy to gain.
  • (Mention students specifically.)Their names,what they wrote, and a email if possible or a number to reach them at, or a site that they can be found on.

For an Example Im Malik Leveth Summerlin and I wrote the indulgent Epic Quest short story on here. I would like to calibrate with writers,and artists all around the globe.If your reading this, this means you too.All people that are assimilated with the knowledge of being comic book makers, manga, and or movie creators can be with this movement,and or objective. We can be one of the great comic producers all together. Without you a can't do it I need people.


Rights of affiliated clubs:

  • ? Right to use the Wikimedia/Wikipedia name/logo
  • Right to apply for funding from WMAU
  • Right to receive merchandise through WMAU free (eg stickers, badges), at-cost (bags, t-shirts) for use or re-sale


Responsibilities of affiliated clubs:

  • Promote use and contributions to Wikimedia projects in line with the guidelines and policies of projects
  • Welcome new contributors/members
  • Can not speak on behalf of WMAU
  • ? ...

Benefits for schools and universities[edit]

Could be good to write a short brochure explaining the benefits for schools (unis wouldn't care so much).