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Wikimedia Australia/After incorporation

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After CAV approves us, we hold our first AGM. At that AGM the main thing that happens is election of the committee members.

After the committee members are elected, all the formal initial organisational stuff is more or less complete. Then we need to sort out the informal organisational stuff. All this would probably take up to two months or so, maybe?

First tasks

  1. Get WMA bank account (maybe do this before incorporation)
  2. Set up committee communication methods
  3. Set up member/public communication methods
  4. Prepare membership kits: what are the benefits? what do you get? stickers, newsletters, warm glow?
  5. Organise membership process: joinup form, online?, what details are recorded and where

  • Committee communication
    • Committee contacts list (ph, add, email, skype etc)
    • Useful people contacts list (WMF, other orgs, etc)
    • Sort out appropriate access to WMF internal channels
    • Private mailing list?
    • Private wiki?
  • Membership communication
    • Mailing list (wikimedia-au - note non-members can currently join. probably want to keep it this way?)
    • Publicly viewable wiki, only editable by members? - make this the public website?
  • Website (wikimedia.org.au / au.wikimedia.org)


  • start to make contact with similarly minded organisations in Australia